“Double lead double lead” life must see 28 Domestic high score documentary!(44)

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A strong body is the guarantee of learning, and the habit of reading is the only way to enrich the soul.In accordance with the requirements of the municipal Bureau of Education and Sports to actively carry out the work of “double lead and double lead” in the city’s education and sports system, that is, taking the lead in reading and leading the opening of books, taking the lead in fitness and leading the opening of health.Kaifeng Education and Sports wechat public account launched a special column, this time for the city’s teachers and students is the “documentary watch China” series.Emperor Taizong said, “If you take bronze as a mirror, you can dress properly.Take history as a mirror, you can know xing and replace;Take people as a mirror, you can show your gains and losses.”History is not only about historical views, knowledge and temperament, but also about outlook on life, vision and pattern.Learning history is like walking in a long scroll of 3,000 years of history. When you read stories, learn from people and taste wisdom, you will reap abundant harvest naturally.A General History of China is by far the largest historical feature film in China.The film depicts the grand historical scenes in China from the origin of ancient human beings to the fall of the Qing Dynasty, based on the historical experience and lessons of the past dynasties in fighting the rise and fall of chaos, the formation of a unified multi-ethnic country and the splendor of Chinese civilization.It is aimed at the general public, less raw academic knowledge, more eloquently narrated and stories, easy to understand, suitable for all ages.The documentary was produced by the Program Center of THE CCTV Movie Channel, supervised by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and written by the Institute of History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Researchers from many domestic key universities and professional institutions were also invited to participate in the creation of the documentary, which shows the quality of the film.”Broad vision, language access, the attitude of peace such as gossip, the history of a strange place, and such as nine days to the moon, straight see the stars down flat, on the river.”This is the best way to sum up the documentary “A General History of China”.If you want to know the way, you must know the history.You must read a General History of China.It is like full Banquet, gluttonous feast, will make a feast for the eyes!Come and see!Eighty-seven set Chongzhen Emperor eighty-eight set into the Central Plains source: scholarly raindrops review: Chen Yuechen editor: Feng Xinzi