Racing Post: Japanese horse racing “Only Love you”, “Hurrah” and “Iron Bird” retired

2022-07-06 0 By

Asian racing news highlights: Grass racing star colts “Only Love you” (male “Big Shock”), “Loud Cheer” (male “Big Shock”) and “Iron Bird Aotian” (male “Big shock”) have been honoured at the JRA Awards in Japan.Soon, they will retire and head to stud station.Contrail, the iron bird, will go to the Shotai Stud station for breeding (the breeding fee is 12 million yen).In view of his outstanding race performance (8 wins in 11 races) and his victory in the Japan Cup (Grade 1, 2400m) on 28 November, he was selected as “Best older stallion”.And the title of ‘Best older Mare’ went to ‘Loves Only You.’The five-year-old, trained by Yoshito Yasaku, has been all over the world this season.She became the first Japanese foal to win the Breeders’ Cup at Del Mar by winning the breeders’ Cup filly Turf race (Class 1, 2200 meters).She also topped two events held in Hong Kong – the Queen’s Cup (Grade 1, 2000 m) in April and the Hong Kong Cup (Grade 1, 2000 m) at the International events in December.Gran Alegria won the best Short-haul/mile for the second year in a row.She completed her racing career by winning the Victoria Mile (Grade 1, 1600 m) in May and the Mile Championship (Grade 1, 1600 m) in Hanshin in November.