The reality of the thorough soul chicken soup, relieved

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Don’t complain, don’t laugh at who, also don’t envy who, bright in the sun, run in the wind and rain, do your own dream, go your own way.My heart beats for you every day. I am inspired by you every minute, and I worry about you every second.It feels so good to have you.Cry, dripping dripping;Laugh, as you like;Play, open mind;Love, incisively and vividly;Life, why coy.Life, why be timid.Youth, is to meet with seven of their own.One bright, one sad, one gorgeous, one adventure, one stubborn, one soft, the last one growing.The coming will come, the plenary session of the walk, don’t resist, don’t retain, don’t greed, don’t give up, don’t worry.Learn to look down on some things, is the best protection for yourself.Remember: if the heart to the sun, no sorrow.You have to learn to cover their ears, not to listen to the bustling voice;There is no helpless pain in the world, the real cure yourself, only yourself.Don’t need to follow the sun all day, you can also do their own light.There is no wounded person in this world, no matter when, you have to believe that you really heal yourself, only yourself.Don’t complain, try to excuse;Not afraid of loneliness, efforts to precipitation.To make yourself a sunshine person.Don’t complain about life, also don’t envy the life of others.Follow your own path, follow your own dreams, move towards your own goals, and live the life you want.Don’t live up to their own suffering, so kind and hard you, you will get the dream of beauty.You will meet a lot of people in your life.Some love you, some envy you, some treasure you, some don’t take you seriously.You hurt, you tired, you lost, you missed, these have nothing to do with people, your future, all to be responsible for your own.To believe that the world is always better than hidden, joy is always more than suffering, and there are a lot of things, worthy of your belief as always.Good morning!No matter how good you were yesterday, you can’t represent today’s glory. Remember, the sun of yesterday will never dry out today’s clothes, and greet every day with a sunny attitude.If you love a person, be sure to tell him, not to ask him to repay, but to let him in the dark days after, deny yourself, remember that there are people in the world so love him, he is not good for nothing.Life can not live by the mood, but to rely on the mentality of life.Live not by tears to win sympathy, but by sweat to win applause!There are four wishes in this life: a good friend forever, two long love to come, three to travel around the world, four to the family is still healthy.I want to build a cabin in your heart, happy where the fist cheers, sad hide crying.There is a path in front of the house and a bamboo in the back.Do you have any land to rent?Do useful things, say brave things, think good things, sleep well.Spend your time improving, not complaining.Good morning!When you look forward to the miracle with joy, reality always gives you a fatal blow, so disappointment is the norm.May we all be able to cut through the thorns and live out what we want, good night!Don’t get things, we will always think he is good, it is because you know too little about him, there is no time to get along with him.And one day, when you get to know it better, it’s not as good as you thought it was.