Chinese films need both encouragement and criticism, not just simple abuse or flattery

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No movie is perfect.As one of the nine arts, film needs creators and viewers, namely audiences, to create the value of a film together.At the creative level, the process of film production is highly personalized, which integrates the creator’s cognition of film art, the world, humanity, culture and other aspects.That’s why there are so many movie genres, and the same genre can be very different depending on who created it.Let’s take a simple example.Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, both of which are science fiction films, and Spielberg’s AI AI, which Kubrick had been trying to complete for years, have a completely different temperament.Kubrick’s cognition of the unknown world and the impact of science and technology on human nature is full of fear and a kind of sad feelings.In AI, these grieves disappear into Spielberg’s simple humanity of the power of love.Hamlet in 1000 minds of 1000 people.As a creator, as an audience.Everyone has his or her own criteria for judging a movie.This is also very different from each audience’s cognition of the film, the world, humanity, culture and other aspects.Different circles of people, the story told by the film, the mood created by the radiation and the formation of a very personal emotional collision, are very different.This is a sample reference for discussing whether a movie is good or bad.Movies need to be reviewed.After the film is created by the creator and contacted by the audience, it is true that there will be different opinions.As mentioned above, everyone has his own judgment standard and attitude towards a movie.Since its birth, film has experienced more than 100 years of development until the industrialization of film today. Besides being a human art, film has also taken on the characteristics of a product, so that a series of film standards can be tested and judged.For movies, especially the more typed commercial films, in addition to each audience formed their own subjective emotion, story rhythm of handing down, character personality change behavior logic, footage scheduling design, film industry is a set of strict and standardized criteria, to judge the stand or fall of finish a movie or not.It is with such a set of mature and standardized product standards that the film industry can encourage creators to produce films in line with basic quality specifications within an industrial framework.So as to avoid the waste of production capacity resources and maintain a healthy film market (film production level and audience market level).Of course, film is both a product and an art.On the basis of ensuring basic quality, the inspiration and creativity of creators can be developed to create excellent artistic high-quality goods.Movies need to be criticized and encouraged, but hopefully more good ones keep coming.