Week 5: Solved 22 cases and detained 16 people

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From January 28, 2022 to February 4, 2022, laibin Municipal public security organs continued to carry out the “Guangxi Sharp Sword” No. 1 special crackdown and rectification action, the city broke a total of 22 criminal cases, criminal detention of 16 people, arrest (including direct prosecution) 48 people;We investigated and dealt with 40 public security cases and 84 suspected illegal persons;53 drug addicts were investigated and dealt with, and 44 were forced to stay in isolation for drug rehabilitation.Investigation and resolution of 6 conflicts and disputes;A total of 716 screening sites;We investigated and dealt with 939 cases of various traffic violations.Case one Wu Xuan police: seized Huang mou involved in the drug case recently, Wu Xuan County public Security Bureau Tongling police station through combing the case clues, found that a drug-related personnel Huang Mou recently in Wu Xuan County tong wan town activity track.After that, the information will be pushed to tongwan police station, anti-drug brigade and other relevant bureau departments.Then carry on the analysis research visit to touch platoon.On February 1, in wuxuan town tongwan town flower meng village will be involved in drug personnel Huang Mou seized.Criminal suspect Huang mou confessed to his criminal facts, at present, criminal suspect Huang Mou has been wuxuan County public Security Bureau administrative detention, the case in further investigation.Case two Wuxuan police: cracked Zhu Mode suspected of helping information network crime case, involving more than 600,000 yuan recently, Wuxuan County Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station in the work found a help information network crime clues.Immediately carry out clew to check platoon work.After investigation, it was found that Zhu Mou De of Wuxuan Town, Wuxuan County, lent his bank cards to others for online transfer, and his bank card funds involved amounted to more than 600,000 yuan. At present, Zhu Mou De was detained by the Public Security Bureau of Wuxuan County on suspicion of helping information network crime activities.A total of 22 criminal cases were solved in The city, and 22 criminal suspects were captured, 16 of whom were detained.48 people were arrested (including direct prosecution), and 8 were transferred for prosecution;A total of 40 public security cases were investigated and 84 suspects were arrested, 63 of whom were under administrative detention.A total of 2 drug cases were detected, 6 drug-related gang suspects were arrested, 2 were transferred to prosecution, 53 drug addicts were investigated and dealt with, 44 were forcibly isolated from drug addicts, and 8 drug addicts were newly discovered.A total of 738 police officers and 188 police cars were dispatched to check 256 accommodation places, 140 entertainment places, 95 bathing places and 225 other places.525 persons were searched and 52 persons were tested for drug use;Inspection of 284 vehicles, found and ordered rectification of 8 hidden safety hazards.A total of 6 conflicts and disputes were investigated and resolved in The city.A total of 939 traffic violations of various types were investigated and dealt with in the city.Among them, there were 4 cases of false set of license plates, 18 cases of drunk driving, 5 cases of illegal engineering transport vehicles, 219 cases of not wearing seat belts, 95 cases of driving without license, 9 cases of overloading passengers, 3 cases of truck overload, 238 cases of illegal electric vehicles, 259 cases of illegal motorcycle, 89 cases of the same punishment on the spot of arrest and investigation distribution and control system.