A variety of cultural and tourism activities invite you to clock in the ancient city

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This year’s New Year’s Day during the ancient city public welfare explanation service is welcomed by tourists (file photo) Quanzhou network On January 26 (reporter Wang Jinzhi intern Zheng Xinxing) “The world heritage of Quanzhou, live ancient city.”Quanzhou ushered in the first Spring Festival after the successful application for world Heritage.The reporter learned from the municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism yesterday that during the Spring Festival, the city will hold a number of cultural tourism activities, inviting tourists from all sides to tour the ancient city and feel the full flavor of the New Year here.From 2nd to 16th of the 1st lunar month (February 2nd to 16th), the free tour of quanzhou ancient City will be held. The tour guide will take you by “Xiaobai” bus for free.There are four public tour routes.Route 1: “thousand years old temple, half city fireworks and half city fairy”, Kaiyuan Temple + West Street.Route 2: “Evidence of the Imperial family living in the City of Wanton”, Nanwai Zong Zhengsi + West Street.Route 3: “The ancient city hall of inheriting calligraphic charm”, Fuwen Temple + Goldfish Alley.Route 4: “Witness the splendid history of Quanzhou merchants gathering”, Qingjing Temple (exterior) + Tianhou Palace + Zhongshan Road.”The lecture is free and the bus is also free. It is a public event.”City culture and Tourism bureau related person in charge, to overseas Chinese mansion and Quanzhou Hotel, West Street Ziyun Screen as the guest distribution center, hotel guests or visitors to the service center by adding “Qingyuan Wenchuan” customer service wechat, sign up to participate in the public welfare explanation activities.All participation lists should be provided before 15 o ‘clock the previous day. The guide will pick up the tourists at quanzhou Hotel, Overseas Chinese Mansion, Xingshe Hotel and other places and take the “xiaobai” bus with them.From January 28 to February 16, non-quanzhou employees who work or start businesses in Quanzhou can travel to Quanzhou for free with their ID cards and union membership cards.In order to continuously meet the increasing needs of workers for a better life, and help build a city of dreams and happiness that residents are proud of, attached to, and aspire to, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the Bureau of Citizens and the Qingyuan Mountain Scenic And Historic Interest Area Management Committee jointly carry out the free tour of Quanzhou during the Spring Festival of 2022.Than in previous years, active objects for migrant workers in the spring, venture outside of quanzhou, free tour scenic spots including straight each related department to reduce the qingyuan mountain scenic area (qingyuan mountain scenic area, lingshan scenic spot), qingjing mosque and other scenic spots, and various counties (city, area) the union coordinate relevant departments to open related scenic spots (points).In order to do a good job of the “free tour” activity, quanzhou related tourist attractions (spots) will do “special channels, special personnel registration, special personnel review”, earnestly implement epidemic prevention and protection measures, to provide quality, convenient and efficient services for workers and entrepreneurs in Quanzhou.The intangible cultural Heritage of Quanzhou will be launched from now on. The cloud of Quanzhou Culture invites you to punch the intangible cultural heritage of Quanzhou. Tourists can take the stamp book and have an agreement to tour the ancient city of Quanzhou, stamp the exclusive seal and learn more about quanzhou culture.The event runs until March 20.Tourists can book stamped copies on quanzhou Culture Cloud platform.To quanzhou non-material cultural heritage museum, the overseas history museum (closed) every Monday, quanzhou, quanzhou museum library (closed) every Wednesday afternoon, quanzhou high theater, na Yin lives, quanzhou dance theater, the grand theatre, classical opera theatre, quanzhou puppet theatre (only show opening) and so on ten big clock in, cultural venues for the stamp.Collect 5, 8 and 10 stamps to get the corresponding gift.The claim time of this stamp is from January 20th to March 20th. The claim place is in Quanzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum and Quanzhou Library. The claim time is from February 14th to March 31st.