Breast reduction and breast cancer

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Is there a link between breast reduction surgery and breast cancer?The medical literature generally agrees that breast reduction can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 30 to 40 percent over time, and the reduction rate is higher when the reduction of breast tissue by two cup sizes is greater than 600 grams per breast.One theory is that removing the attached ducts and lobules would reduce the likelihood of cancer.Another popular theory is that breast reduction removes fat tissue, helping to alter the microenvironment in which breast cells reside.Breast size did not directly affect cancer risk, with women with small breasts at no lower risk than those with large breasts.However, breast size is related to breast structure.The more ducts and lobules in the breast, the more cells are likely to become cancerous, while the adipose tissue in the breast is the opposite.Most women have larger breasts because there is more fat around the breast tissue.In turn, women with smaller breasts had less fat and the same amount of breast tissue as women with larger breasts.As a result, women’s risk of breast cancer is similar regardless of breast size.I am Wu Zengan, director of general Surgery department, concerned about women’s health, from here on!