Winter Olympics torch lighting entanglements what

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00 HOhoKop: The torch for the Beijing Winter Olympics has been lit and there are so many words of praise everywhere.In the face of high technology, “one leaf knows autumn”, coupled with mathematical equations of mass and energy, is that a single spark can start a prairie fire and release endless energy.”Winter Olympic Games” key has been distributed, “a leaf zhiqiu” and you have entangled, invisible transmission between the value of the great River spread north and south, all over the world.On the analytic extension level, “a leaf zhichu” and imaginary entangled is: “I came back” “I came back” I came back!!The lighting of the torch opened Pandora’s box, the sleeping lion has awakened, the Oriental dragon has taken off.I’m back!!Shout loudly: “stand up straight, raise your high head, be a dignified Chinese”!!”Round heaven and earth, the motherland is your strong backing”!!Shout out to the world once more: “I’m back!!”.+++++++++++++++++++ (combined with “one leaf knows autumn” picture) the article is original.