The new 2022 Cadillac XT6 is on the market with upgraded specs

2022-07-09 0 By

The 2022 Cadillac XT6 has launched a new standard version of the four-wheel-drive luxury model, offering six and seven seat seats at an official price of 446,700 yuan.Modeling design and current models are consistent, mainly on the configuration of the upgrade.The configuration adjustment of this newly added model is mainly to replace the 14-speaker BOSE Performance series sound system with an 8-speaker BOSE sound system.The appearance design of the new model is consistent with that of the current model, adopting a family-style design language. The front face of the new model adopts chrome-plated dot-matrix intake grille, and the chrome-plated trim is used to decorate the grille. It looks quite fashionable with the long and sharp LED headlights on both sides.Three sections of smoked black design are used in the lower surrounding area, and tusk-like shape is used in the fog lamp area on both sides, which is combined with vertical day lights. Chrome trim is added to the front lip for decoration, making the whole look good visual impact and sense of sport.Cadillac is positioned as a medium and large SUV with a body size of 5056*1964*1777mm and a wheelbase of 2863mm.From the side, its car waist line design is more fierce, the side to create a good sense of muscle, the window line using chrome trim decoration, the back row using privacy glass, side skirt is also equipped with chrome wipe, business atmosphere is relatively rich.The taillight of the tail adopts the shape of “7 characters”, and is connected with chrome-plated trim, and also uses chrome-plated trim to run through the rear. With the rectangular exhaust of double sides, it reflects a good sense of layering.