Wen an: centralized law enforcement to strengthen the appearance of the city more beautiful

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In order to comprehensively do a good job of post-holiday road traffic safety management, effective purification of road traffic environment, On February 17, the county chucheng Office, the county public Security Bureau traffic police brigade actively carry out post-holiday non-motor vehicle traffic order regulation action, effectively optimize the county traffic environment.In the action, the officers focused on the main traffic junctions in the city of non-motor vehicles driving in the opposite direction, red light and other illegal acts to increase law enforcement efforts.The traffic police on duty take the law enforcement method of “education + punishment” to educate the non-motor vehicles driving in the opposite direction, and persuade them to correct the illegal behavior. The non-motor vehicles running red lights affect the traffic order, and issue punishment sheets on the spot, and effectively form a situation of high pressure and strict control, and create a good road traffic environment.Since 2022, the traffic police Brigade of the county public Security Bureau has dealt with 230 cases of pedestrian traffic violations, 753 cases of non-motor vehicle violations, and 5,397 cases of illegal motor vehicle parking.In order to effectively prevent food safety risks and make people feel secure about what they eat and what they buy, we will build a protective net for food safety supervision and control.February 18, county chuangcheng office joint county market supervision bureau to carry out supermarket food safety special inspection action, the supermarket to implement the main responsibility for food safety supervision, pressure again.County market supervision administration highlights the focus, comprehensive supervision and inspection, focusing on whether the food is overdue, raw and cooked food is stored separately and food, oil, meat, vegetables, eggs and other necessities of life for special inspection.Law enforcement personnel supervise and implement the implementation of various food safety management systems such as employee health certificate, inventory inspection ledger and sampling inspection report.Conduct on-site guidance for rectification of problems such as non-standard labeling of individual bulk food and imperfect registration of ticket and certificate books.The supermarket food safety special inspection action, urged the supermarket to implement the main responsibility of food safety, let the supermarket better carry out self-inspection, further standardize their own business behavior, enhance the supermarket integrity management awareness and social responsibility awareness, effectively safeguard the consumer rights and interests of the masses.(Photo by Jin Peng) Source of this article: Wenan official website responsible editor: Gu Wenjing _LF51