Xinjiang’s characteristic fruit, known as “sugar baozi”, tastes better when dried naturally, but few people have ever eaten it

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The weather is getting warmer and warmer. In the hottest month of the year, most people hide in their rooms, turning on the air conditioner and drinking frozen fruit juice in order to escape the heat.Although the weather is very hot, it is a good season for fruits that like to grow in summer. When the fruits grow in summer, farmers can not only eat the fruits they have grown, but also sell them to their customers in the fruit market, increasing their income.In the south of the summer, rich in a lot of delicious fruits, dragon fruit, mango, lychee and so on, at this time of the north also bear a lot of fruit, watermelon, melon, cantaloupe and so on, these fruits are not only delicious, but also the price is very fair, the local people love to eat.And in Xinjiang, there is a fruit, it is called “sugar baozi”, actually we call figs, this fresh delicious fruit not everyone has eaten, have you seen it?Xinjiang FIG, a summer fruit, usually in many parts of the country are very common, a bite, immediately can eat a sweet taste, not only rich in nutrition, but also has a high therapeutic value, eating this fruit is good for the human body.However, figs in Xinjiang are not necessarily the fruits we are familiar with, and many people have never eaten them.Xinjiang FIG, only in Xinjiang can produce a local fruit, also belongs to the FIG class, but the fruit is very large, other areas of the FIG in front of it is very small, not only that, even the appearance of the color is not the same, Xinjiang FIG has only one color, that is golden yellow,But the FIG produced in xinjiang region is only green, purple, red three colors are the most common, light from the color is much better than other areas of the FIG.Xinjiang’s geographic environment make the delicious figs, other varieties of common FIG taste a little less than it, xinjiang FIG meat is not only soft, and fruit juice with sweet taste, especially ripe fruit, high sugar content, sweeter than honey, but to eat and not cloying, as long as a break it, pulp’s juices will flow out,There is a very strong fragrance, let a person see straight saliva.Unlike most common figs, which can be peeled and eaten, Xinjiang figs are best eaten by patting them flat before eating.Why do you do that?Because when the fruit is flattened, the sugar inside will be more evenly distributed, and the taste will be more sweet and soft.The Xinjiang FIG is shot flat like a loaf of bread and tastes so sweet that local residents like to call it “sugar baozi” or “sugar baozi on the tree”. This nickname fits xinjiang FIG, a sweet baozi, which is definitely a sugar baozi.The problem with Xinjiang figs Although Xinjiang figs are delicious, but few people outside Xinjiang have tasted the fresh and delicious fruit.In many parts of Xinjiang, this kind of fruit is grown in large quantities. Due to the high sweetness of this kind of FIG, the preservation and sales of the fruit also have some difficulties.Xinjiang FIG is high in sugar content, not only big, and the meat is very soft, not a lot of effort, a pinch is easy to flat, there will be cracks, and the preservation time is not very long.When xinjiang FIG ripe, the fruit is picked can only keep fresh for 1 day, after a day will be easy to rot, it is impossible to transport to other areas, only in Xinjiang to eat fresh figs, outsiders are generally not eat, only to Xinjiang tourism to have the opportunity to eat fresh delicious fruit.Most of the outsiders can only eat xinjiang FIG processed food, such as dried fruit and jam, because the shelf life of this fruit is very short, so the price in xinjiang fruit market is also very interesting, in a day, merchants will sell a variety of prices.Morning is picked xinjiang FIG is the freshest is also the most expensive, according to the number of sales, a value of 5 yuan, the afternoon fruit is not as fresh as the morning, 5 yuan can buy 2, until the evening, the fruit is not valuable, and there are cracks, soft one, at this time with 2 yuan can buy 3.Xinjiang FIG is known as the “fruit queen” in July, although its sweetness is high, but the shelf life is very short, outsiders want to eat a fresh delicious fruit have to run to Xinjiang, otherwise they can only eat processed dried fruit food, which is a very troublesome thing.But this characteristic fruit of Xinjiang FIG, even if it is made dry, is also very delicious, and generally are naturally dried, taste better, very sweet, but sweet but not greasy, known as “sugar baozi”.Fresh FIG many people eat less than in xinjiang, but even dried figs, also very few people can eat, because it’s too good, sales have been very good, in the other place in the market to buy of xinjiang FIG is difficult to guarantee authentic, instead of buying on the Internet can eat to xinjiang dried figs, but must buy the FIG in xinjiang natural air drying of that kind of oh.Some people wonder whether other regions can also grow this Xinjiang FIG.In fact, in some places in China have tried to grow figs, although the survival, but can not plant a unique taste of Xinjiang, so, buy FIG seedlings, do not particularly care about whether xinjiang.However, there are also a small number of people like Xinjiang figs, for the convenience of eating, they will also plant a small number of them, are you interested?Try growing some at home, too.