2 can be registered national standard electric car, no driving license, the maximum endurance of 350 kilometers, suitable for selling

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As the traffic administration of management in the electric power increase, many cities only allow new gb electric cars on the road, and banned electric scooters and electric scooters on the road, it need some long distance cycling for the owners to bring very great, especially the delivery personnel, due to the large number of orders every day, need long-distance range,But the range of the new national standard electric vehicle is either shorter, and some of the longer range of the new national standard electric vehicle, the price is more expensive, there is a price is affordable range and far new national standard electric vehicle?Today, I recommend 2 new national standard electric cars for everyone, they do not need a driver’s license can drive on the road, all cities are allowed to drive on the road, the highest mileage reached 350 kilometers, especially suitable for takeout little brother.The first: Far-reaching long-distance running King C1 009 Reference price: 6399 yuan, maximum battery life:350 km far-reaching distance running king C1 009 is a new national standard electric car in line with the national standard, with 3C certification, all cities in the country can be licensed, at the same time this is a new national standard electric car specially built for takeout personnel, equipped with a special storage box, for the original car custom installation fit better.LED optical giant light, full of light, wide Angle irradiation, even 100 meters can be seen, with low energy consumption and long life, no matter in the night or rainy day travel, can ensure the safety of the takeout boy.Profound run high-speed motor closed C1 009 configuration king of 350 w, the permanent magnet electronic replaces mechanical steering, smooth operation nearly zero resistance, smooth starting and accelerating to mute, low consumption and high speed, powerful, even steep slope of 35 degrees on don’t cart, can easily climbed up, speed of 25 km/h, there are a variety of battery to choose from,It can be equipped with a 48V120Ah lithium battery with a maximum range of 350km.Far-reaching long-distance race KING C1 009 is equipped with a large LCD screen, which can display the speed, power, gear, fault code and other information of the vehicle in real time, and can show the driving information at a glance, so that the owners do know.In terms of safety, Far-reaching long-distance race KING C1 009 is equipped with hydraulic double oil brake system, hydraulic oil brake is more timely than ordinary drum brake, even when driving at high speed can stop for a second, so that the takeaway brother can not only travel quickly, but also timely brake, to ensure the safety of food delivery.Profound run king C1 009 have the function of a key repair circuit fault at the same time, if in the process of long distance cycling, circuit malfunction, only need to press a key repair function keys, can be a key automatically to repair vehicle fault, to ensure the safety of vehicle travel, no electric car broke down halfway to the pain, provides guarantee timely delivery of orders for delivery personnel.In addition, in terms of comfort, far-reaching long-distance king C1 009 front wheel adopts automobile air hydraulic shock absorption, rear wheel adopts spring shock absorption, equipped with four-weight shock absorption, all-round optimization of shock absorption adjustment, and high carbon steel frame with the understanding, to bring the owner a better driving experience, no longer afraid of road bumps, riding more comfortable.The steel ring explosion-proof vacuum tire has the characteristics of wear resistance and thorn resistance, and can run when deflated, which improves the driving experience of the little brother.There are three riding modes: uphill, economy and overtaking. Different riding modes can be selected according to different road conditions.The second section: flying pigeon wind road reference price: 5,299 Yuan maximum endurance:260 km flying pigeon Wind road electric vehicles is also a new gb standard electric bicycle, 3 c certification, all cities in China to the registration, can legally to travel on the road, the vehicle using LED lens headlight Gao Liangzhao no Angle, this is wider and brighter, compared with the traditional electric vehicles not only carry the halogen lights up to about 2 ~ 3 times,And the use of LED cold light source, but also more energy saving.Flying pigeon wind road is equipped with LED LCD instrument, which can check the running state of the vehicle at any time, and can display the measured speed and mileage power usage in real time, so that the takeout boy can understand the vehicle data at a glance at any time.Flying pigeon road is equipped with 350W pure copper brushless silent wading motor, built-in gearless brushless motor, riding more energy saving and lighter, pure copper coil with good stability and energy saving, strong power output, can easily climb up the slope of 35 degrees, with a variety of electric pool groups to choose from, the maximum can be configured with 48V90Ah automotive lithium battery,It can achieve the maximum mileage of about 260 kilometers.Flying pigeon Wind way built-in chip microcomputer intelligent recognition, according to the charging device automatically assigned current security protection and a car, a charging temperature protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, batteries, PTC protection, over voltage protection, charging the battery over discharge protection and so on the many kinds of protection functions, can maximum limit protect battery and extend the range of the battery.In addition, this model has two charging methods, which can be directly charged and charged. The battery can be easily removed and charged arbitrarily, or the current is inserted into the car body, directly charging the electric car.In terms of safety comfort, flying pigeon Wind way more equipped with vacuum widened tires, adopt and thicken high-density rubber, built-in three extra protection layer, both in small pieces and nails to burst, can adapt to all kinds of the road, let the take-away little elder brother travel ride safe, before and after using the double hydraulic suspension system, can bring sensitive response and smooth operation,With light and strong high carbon steel frame, even if the road winding bumpy, also can ride comfortably.In addition, the front and rear drum brake braking system can effectively brake quickly, but also can make the vehicle smooth not skid, effectively protect the owner’s daily travel.The above recommended two new national standard electric vehicles, which one do you prefer?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below and click on the follow button in the upper right corner to share the latest news and exclusive views on electric vehicles every day.