“Beyond” finale: Li Gengxi defeated three, “Beijing welcomes you” to show the style of a big country

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There is a week, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will usher in the opening ceremony, “Beyond” as a pawn, advance to the audience hit a shot in the arm, Li Gengxi strength interpretation of the young Chen Mian growth experience.Watching the process and ending of the hotline held by the actors in “Beyond”, all the audiences were touched by the difficulty of the athletes. The athletes preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics were also ready to go to the battlefield, with the support and encouragement of the Chinese people behind them.In order to perform the kind of unity of the scene, “beyond” the scriptwriting attentively, will be all the ability to pull in, for Chen Mian’s championship pave the way.01 Coach li Guimin’s decision because before the failure to protect the slide to the north, although got the qualification, but lost to Yan Xiujing’s spell has been torturing Chen Mian, so that after her competition lost to Yan Xiujing.Even in order to win her, Chen Mian remembered before his low fever to inspire the potential, but also online shopping ice, trying to let yourself sleep ice pool, blow cold, cold cold, but finally failed miserably.In the face of opponent’s provocation, Chen Mian has forgotten the original dare to fight dare to fight.In order to adjust her state of mind, Li Guimin directly transferred her back to Qingdao team, find the initial feeling of skating.After returning to Qingdao team, Zheng Kaixin in order to meet Chen Mian, talked to her about many of them when they joined the team, also let the world Hou Siyuan live with her.Later, with Chen Mian to the original training site, let her practice to tired, practice to forget everything, feel tired when you can think of the original kind of enthusiasm.Not only that, he also told Chen Mian his own unique skills, when the turn more than two knives, can exceed other players in the path, but also told Chen Mian must practice more.”Surprise” has always been the main character’s aura’s greatest strength.Chen Mian how can not?03 father’s careful machine “happy coach” left, specially to Chen Mian sent a big gift, the “gift” or came over, that is Chen Mian’s father Chen dedicated.In order to train Chen Mian’s endurance and endurance, Chen Jingye specially prepared a one-month mountain running training for her. A section of the road was divided into five stages and her running speed was recorded. Finally Chen Mian ran for two weeks as required.At the beginning of Chen Professionalism also deliberately did not tell her own plan, careful machine to change the position of the ribbon, but also from Chen Mian, deliberately told her her speed is slow, want to stimulate her heart to win.But unexpectedly, Chen Mian burst out and began to doubt himself: “I will never be a top athlete.”Finally mother Wang Haiyan can not see the past, take the initiative to puncture Chen Dedicated those careful machine, which also makes Chen Mian know the facts, regain confidence.04 Jiang Hong balloon originally Jiang Hong to Chen Mian balloon breathing method, so that Chen Mian in the game have played a very good role.All the time, this breathing method has enabled her to have a good breathing adjustment in both training and competition, and the pace of competition has been steadily improved.In her last race, she also used this breathing technique to adjust her rate.When Fang took the bench for the first time in 2002, Chen Mian played and was in such good shape that she wanted to compete for the first place.Can hear the coach let himself to the north to protect the sliding, Chen Mian is not happy, and her belief in winning the gold medal, not only let them lose the gold medal, but also hurt to the north Achilles tendon injury, can not continue to compete, can only go to the side of studying abroad while recovering.This time in order to let Chen Mian rest easy to enter the final, Li Guimin deliberately let her north to protect slippery, and north also willingly protect the sister.Because Yan Xiujing used to learn her own way of skating, so she went to the north to wear the Uniform of the South Korean team to accompany her training, while trying to let Chen Mian defeat the curse on the ice, while refining tactics and team coordination.Not only to the north of the protection, as well as the square shi elder brother lead slippery, with the two have trained the first to do sparring, Chen Mian is also very at ease, began to go beyond their own road.Fu Cong’s skates are not only assisted by internal force, but also assisted by external force. Skates are also very important for the competition.At the beginning, Chen Jingye failed in the first national team selection competition, which was caused by “people with hearts”.Fu Cong left Qingdao team, concentrate on the development of skates, because he thought of their skates produced by strict quality control, with peace of mind.Therefore, fu Cong specially prepared a pair of shoes for Chen Mian before the competition, and also wanted to bring a little help to her with a little effort. Of course, it also played a certain role in the competition.04 beyond the self, beyond the magic barrier, Beijing welcome you lost to the Korean players in the semifinals, Chen Mian angry, hate their own bad, hate their fear of the heart, she was in the lobby, alone to adjust themselves, restore confidence.Once you’ve cried, you can look at yourself anew and prepare for it, and when she cut off her hair, it meant “starting over.”With her long hair cut off and her eyes fixed, she shouted “Coach, I’m ready” on the court. At that moment, she was the brightest star.On the ice rink, he remembered what his coaches had taught him and what he had said. His confidence increased and he directly surpassed Yan Xiujing in the last lap, breaking the “magic spell” in his heart and winning the gold medal.In the end, the words “Beijing welcomes you” uttered to Yan xiujing showed the style of a great power, and the audience shouted “Well said!Great!”Conclusion: “Beyond” this drama is arranged before the Winter Olympic Games broadcast, is really too vision, let everyone have a certain understanding of short track speed skating not to say, but also caused everyone’s attention to the Winter Olympic Games.All the actors reflected the spirit of the spirit is too good, this is the biggest charm of sports, moving, feeling excited.Atmosphere is our advantage, Come on Beijing Winter Olympics, let the nation feel proud of the athletes, come on!