Hefei Star rui welcome inquiries, down 1.76%

2022-07-10 0 By

Just small make up in the circle of car friends to see a lot of friends are discussing star Rui price 20,000 yuan, so attractive price range, want to buy a car friends do not consider taking the opportunity to win?Hefei Mingbang GEELY 4S shop, activity time March 30 – March 30, the opportunity is rare, can not be missed, let oneself spend less money to buy the car of choice Anhui First Geely flagship store, 15 years old shop really rest assured!3.1-4.20 On Geely APP, you can receive a cash coupon of 1000 yuan for car purchase to enjoy a financial discount of 10000 yuan. You can enjoy 36 periods of 0 interest for car purchase, and the new car gift will not stop!During the event, if you book a car, you will get an air conditioner as a gift. If you book a test drive in the store, you will get a mug worth 300 YUAN as a gift. The quota is limited, first come, first served, and you can make an appointment by phone.The old car can enjoy the replacement subsidy in the name of the customer for three months. Institutions, medical staff and other additional oil cards are free to buy Star Rui 4 years / 120,000 kilometers of quality guarantee. Star Yue S is free to provide 4.5 years maintenance warranty.For the fourth generation of emgrand limited free 3 years 6 routine maintenance of old customers turn to introduce new customers to buy can send regular maintenance is a professional doctors, nurses, teachers, students enjoy the extra car allowance ordering participate in lucky draw, midea electric rice cooker, hot water bottle, barbecue grill, hanging ironing machine, electric oven, bicycles, air conditioning is waiting for you to take!400-130-0306 New station area, 200 meters west to the intersection of Tianshui Road and Lingshi Road, Subway Line 3, Industrious Village (there has been a small program, please go to understand car di client to view)