Naturalized player meat bun fight dog?China football team eyes next World Cup!Lin Huang Tong Lai Yan Ding Hao welcome the opportunity

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Before China lost 3-1 to Vietnam, former international Fan Zhiyi said in a social media video that more young players should be given a chance.Li Xiaopeng is still a little conservative, afraid of losing on the first day of the Chinese New Year, sorry Chinese fans.There is no new idea in the middle and back field of The National football team. Li Xiaopeng uses li Tie’s main force frame. As a result, the two midbacks and the two defenders do not cooperate well.The mistake is still a mistake, the offensive end is not good, the conservative end is in a mess.It’s all over and the National team is out of the Qatar World Cup.Everything also returned to calm, Chinese football always in the continuous learning lessons to survive.The lessons of failure, summed up several generations, and the more summed up the more smelly kick.Some Chinese football fans believe that there is something special about Chinese football compared with European and American football, because Chinese football is a “sport of the rich”, while foreign football is a “sport of the poor”. “I laugh at the football of the National team, and the national football team laughs at my mortgage payment!”Naturalized player or “meat bun beat dog”?Don’t rule it out!After the war between China and Vietnam, the members of the National team did not leave for China immediately. Instead, they stayed in Hanoi for a rest day. Then they will take a commercial chartered plane to Shanghai at 2 am on February 3, Beijing time.After 14 days of isolation, coaches and players will return to their homes for winter training and preparation ahead of the 2022 season.Luo Guofu, Alan and Jiang Guangtai did not return to China, luo Guofu and Alan returned to Brazil, Jiang Guangtai returned to the UK, Wu Lei said goodbye to his coach and teammates after the CSL match and flew back to Spain overnight.The national team has two matches remaining, at home against Saudi Arabia on March 24 and away against Oman on March 29.Due to the epidemic, the home of the National football Team is likely to be played in a third party, so naturalized players and overseas players such as Wu Lei and Li Lei may be absent from the national football team’s training camp in March.Lin Huang, Tong Lei, Yan Dinghao and other young talents welcome the opportunity!Li Xiaopeng took over the National football team, suffered two consecutive defeats, and Zhu Chenjie, Dai Weijun two young players performed well, Deng Hanwen did not get a chance, Guo Tianyu also missed two games because of joining Portuguese Super league, the next training, Li Xiaopeng should recruit more young players.Some fans said, with guangzhou team many young players to play Vietnam, not 1-3 bar!In addition to Yan Dinghao, tan Kaiyuan, Ling Jie…The Lin Liangming of Dalian person, tong Lei, Tao Qianglong, the Zhou Junchen that shenhua rents outside, Jiang Shenglong is also pretty good.30+ veteran, really no need to bring so much!What do you think, fans?