Zhujiajiao ancient town is a jiangnan ancient town in Qingpu District, Shanghai

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Zhujiajiao ancient town is a jiangnan water town in Qingpu District, Shanghai.Zhujiajiao, backed by Dada Lake, faces Dianpu River, west of Dianshan Lake, east of Huangpu River, caogang River through the town, running back and forth, dozens of branches like pulsating blood vessels, nourishing life.The natural circumstances of the specific geographical environment, together with the industrious creation of the people of all dynasties, have woven the feng shui of zhujiajiao River and lakes, and painted the style of classical elegance.There are more than 1,000 residential buildings in the ancient town of Jiulaojie, which is built beside the river. Beidajie, also known as “First-line Street”, is the first street in the suburbs of Shanghai with the most intact architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It starts from Fangsheng Bridge in the east and reaches Meizhou Nong in the west more than 300 meters, which is a typical jiangnan old street.The main scenic spots of Zhujiajiao ancient town are class Planting Garden, Town God temple, Yuanjin Temple, Fangsheng Bridge, Daqing Post Office and so on.Fangsheng Bridge is located at the east end of Beidajie, across caogang River. Within 500 meters below the bridge, monks and pilgrims of Cimen Temple set free their lives.Daqing Zhujiajiao Post Office was established in 1903. It is a two-story building with red brick and grey tiles imitating European style. The front door faces the street.At present, the first floor is the layout of the post office in the past, with mail cabinets, mail cabinets, etc. The exhibition hall on the second floor is mainly about the history of the ancient post boardwalk and the development of modern postal culture.If you want to learn more about the world, follow us