Celebrity fashion: No one deserves the name of “fairy” more than Liu Yifei

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The temperature recently hit a record low. Is it snowing in your city?The most effective way to combat cold weather is to wear more clothes and drink more hot water. Sometimes, it is also a good choice to watch a beautiful dress show.Of course, all kinds of eye-popping shapes must be matched.Let’s browse through this episode.Every time Liu yifei updates her magazine cover, it goes without saying that she looks stunning.Appearing on the cover of Marie Claire magazine’s March issue, wearing a full set of LV fashion, the whole person is a great hero.Every photo in the inside pages is also very interesting, black and white photo atmosphere pull full.LouisVuitton’s denim Look, with big shoulder pads, was equally smart and neat.This photo of LouisVuitton in red was a hit with fans.In the shape of LouisVuitton, liu yifei really deserves the Title of “fairy”.Jing Tian, who has been appearing as a guest on the popular love show The Half Sugar Lover, is again contributing to the wardrobe template.Xiao Li’s baby collared shirt is playful in color and style, with sweet and fluffy long curly hair and casual jeans for a refreshing look.The same shirt was worn by Song Yuqi.Also happens to be on another love show.At other times during the show, Jing tian was comfortable in both dressing and talking.Feels like a nice girl in person.Blumarine sun Yizhen, who just got married, has updated a new set of photos of her new drama shooting.This kind slant thick feeling knit cardigan, it is the sheet that suits to wear now most article.When the weather returns to the temperature appropriately, can match like Sun Yizhen so an elegant silk sling skirt, just balanced the thickness index of whole body Look.With a wreath on your head, it’s lovely.The motion picture looks even better.Congratulations to the beauties for a good harvest in love and career.On the day of the Lantern Festival, Liu Shishi also cooperated with the atmosphere of the festival, took a new group of photo.Or the most suitable for her pure white light color department, a full set of Chanel combination, but also the first look is very advanced design, very for her temperament extra points.Nearly shot each is the level of screensaver: New Year’s Day mobile phone shot of the location map, but also very capable of playing.Just Keep it that way.– Yang Caiyu — ▲ Cardigan: Sezane/shirt: Edition Also in personal style will dress up, and Yang Caiyu.The private clothing street that outputs oneself continuously is patted all the time, flaunt small knit cardigan matchs the weak green silk shirt that takes inside, feel very relaxed on the first vision above all.Pair them with a wash of casual jeans for a more casual high street look.In her latest Dior blockbuster, Yang Caiyu also had the right feeling.▲All From: Dior hair combed smoothly, with a sense of luster skin texture, praise a.– Tang Yixin — ▲ Complete set: Celine saw Jing Tian in front of the “Half Sugar Lovers” program recording dress, also as a guest tang Yixin clothing has been good.Suit jacket matchs the mode of jeans, it is the autumn winter of every girl originally necessary, a pair of black heel short boots come again on the foot, recreational and delicate feeling took hold at the same time.Another lavender purple suit, also let everyone grow grass.▲ Suit: GCDS changed into black suit Mix white strapless dress, looking more professional women Feel.▲ Suit: Fendi/Necklace: IhushSaintLaurent’s plaid cardigan and black boots are chic and stylish.The sky blue vintage court sleeve dress is perfect for photo shoots.△ Dress: Rotate is looking forward to what other pieces of clothing will be updated in the upcoming show.