Chengguan: quickly clear snow and ice broken branches to ensure smooth flow

2022-07-11 0 By

Yiyang daily, yiyang client inquiry (correspondent Xiong Xia) on February 7 morning, the city urban management enforcement bureau directly under the seven large ice rescue and emergency disposal team received the city urban management enforcement bureau general office telephone instructions, xiufeng road several branches off by snow pressure, folding on roadways and sidewalks, guide to vehicles and pedestrians impassable, seven brigade immediately, please send someone to clean up the confirmed open.The seven directly affiliated brigade responded quickly, all the staff, rushed to Xiufeng Road in the first time, at this time in the morning rush hour, broken branches scattered scattered on the road, the normal passage of vehicles through this section of the road brought great inconvenience, vehicles have to detour, there is also a great potential safety hazard.Party members on both sides of the dry part of the road to clean up the residual branches, together will be broken branches to the road outside, to ensure road traffic and pedestrians.During the operation, the comrades did not care about their faces getting red with cold, their gloves being reused with lime dry water for many times, and their shoes and socks being soaked, but they still continued to walk forward until all the branches were completely straightened out, which won a lot of praise from the passing drivers and people along the street.