Today, Malang completed 600 million RMB financing, which is expected to become the Chinese version of “Nestle” and “Kraft”.

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Are you familiar with the following items?That’s right. It’s a jinmalang drink.Pinecone Finance learned that, according to 36 kr January 28 news, Jinmalang announced the completion of 600 million yuan of financing, the investor is Canada Capital.Jiahua Capital, the investor, focuses on large consumption and modern service industry. It has invested in Dongpeng Beverage, Babi Food, Wenheyou, Qiqiaopeng Food, Laiyi, Laoxiang Chicken, Meituan and so on.”The next 20 to 30 years will be a super era for the rise of Chinese consumption, as well as the rise of Chinese super brands and super companies,” said Song Xiangqian, founding partner of CANada-China Capital.We are optimistic about today’s strong people’s livelihood altruistic infrastructure capacity.The company has completed the layout of food and beverage production capacity nationwide, and has a deep distribution network of more than 2.3 million terminal outlets. Its brands such as Jinmailang, Liangbai Kai and Ramen Fan have gradually grown into Chinese national mental brands.China is no longer in the era of “big fish in water”, but is rapidly entering the era of “intensive cultivation” drucker style management science. Now Melang’s strong consumption infrastructure capacity has laid a solid foundation for the company to become a super brand and super company in China’s consumption field in the next stage.”It is understood that jinmai Lang Group was established in 1994, which owns jinmai Lang series, Dayano series, dad’s kitchen “one dish side” and other well-known brands.Up to now, the company’s revenue has exceeded 20 billion yuan.After 28 years of development, Jinmailang relies on intelligent marketing management platform to achieve organic unification of personnel, vehicles, terminals and regions and fine management of channels;With the help of terminal “one thing, one code”, open BC integrated operation, reconstruct the ecology of “people, goods and field”, and improve efficiency;Through the upgrading of brand marketing and e-commerce, offline and online integration, its products are exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other 36 overseas countries and regions.A set of “combination fist” down the company’s annual instant noodle production capacity of 12 billion, daily processing of 5,500 tons of wheat, the annual transformation of wheat 1.8 million tons of huge production scale, ranked the world’s industry top six, the top three domestic finalists.However, as one of the few large food enterprise groups in the industry that spans the two categories of noodles and drinks, Jinmailang is an old brand but also closely follow the consumer psychology of young people, and grasp the preferences of young people.Today Malang Liangbai kaikai to create cool white white character IP, activated cool white character image, launched IP image “open bottle” series, out of the “traditional” gene, with the continuous expansion of food and beverage market scale, today Malang is expected to get better development.For more highlights, check out Pinecone Finance