What is the difference between north chungcheong province and the Top30 in the United States

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The elevator will take you to the safe island. The elevator will take you to the safe island. The elevator will take you to the safe island.Just as the author said, when you are 30 years old, you have a relatively rich Chinese background and a more unique understanding of the United States than a young international student just out of school.So he shared his feelings with everyone.It is not only the happiness of “realizing what is strong and quality education”, but also the orientation of thinking about “Degree fever in China”.Let’s start with our project.There are 75 people in our project, and about 15 Chinese people.Strange to say, there are always a few men and women in our class who are stuck-up.Speaking is not look at people, there is a kind of inexplicable superiority inside the bones.Yes, they may console themselves with the thought that NYU is a top 10 economics school, and that a master’s degree in economics is optional from NYU’s Stern School of Business.Knowledge gives power, ignorance gives power, and often more power.The Boxer Rebellion is a typical example.Righteousness and members always have a sense of superiority in class.Economics courses, in particular, are basically either mathematical (theoretical) or statistical (empirical).Chinese students also have strong computing ability, which undoubtedly adds to the superiority of these ignorant people.When American students scratch their heads, there is always a little excitement in the boxer’s afterglow.”You don’t even know that. I learned that freshman year.”However, as the course progressed, the yihe members began to understand what a strong and quality education was.We have three compulsory courses this semester, mathematical economics, econometrics and macroeconomics.But NYU’s economics faculty, the best of which are at Stern school of Business, teach mbas.If an NYU faculty ever wins another Nobel Prize in economics, it will be the mathematics department with the highest probability, followed by the business school.Any business school professor who lectures you is one of the top financial experts in the country.In economics, the second-best teachers are those who teach PHDS and undergraduates in the economics department.To be honest, the teachers who teach the required courses to master’s students are “non-body” nobodies compared to these big guns. They are usually fed experts, or used to be Fed experts.Some of these teachers have made us more and more shocked by the quality of American education.Our mathematical economics teacher is Hodge, who has a PhD from the University of Chicago, and was a finance expert at HEWLETT-PACKARD and Microsoft.Mathematical economics basically starts from the most basic linear algebra and calculus, which truly reflects the characteristics of “low starting point, high landing point” of American education.How can I say, there is one of the best “abstract algebra” (or “modern algebra”) textbooks in China, which was compiled by Professor Zhang Ruihe in Peking University in 1948. The author wrote in the frontiers: “Only high school algebra knowledge is required, but after a semester of training and study, students can understand the most cutting-edge papers.Mathematical economics, which we are studying now, is almost characteristic.Mr. Hodge, each class is very short, two hours, very persuasive, but always hits the heart of the knowledge, and quickly takes you to the forefront.At the end of a class, you’re like, “Oh, that’s right.At home, we knew to memorize a lot of series formula, and then solve a variety of obscure problems, now suddenly understand what this series is about.It can be said that all of a sudden got through to the governor.At the end of six weeks, you not only understand, but quickly apply, questions that would seem untouchable back home.Domestic teaching is lack of such a process.In other words, domestic teachers lack a grasp of the teaching content itself.For example, I audited Teacher Ping Xinqiao’s “Intermediate Microeconomics” in Peking University.It can be said that the intermediate micro level of Teacher Ping Xinqiao has been foreign “advanced micro preliminary” content.What was the result?In class, everyone is a word, “difficult!”What about the teaching effect?Fortunately, Peking University is the most outstanding mind, a large number of Olympic competition first prize, the local college entrance examination champion, so there are always 20% of the people, can catch up.But what about the other 80 percent?And, even for the 20 percent of geniuses, is this the right guide?For those children who are born particularly well, who have not learned to walk or run, even if they can run at all, can they really run forever?After coming to the United States, the biggest feeling is that Chinese people are good at computing, but the basic concept is not clear.This is as true in mathematics as it is in economics.Take our econometrics as an example. Many domestic undergraduates have talked about time series analysis and Panel data analysis in primary econometrics.Also, statistical software was used.With a few clicks of the mouse, you seem to have mastered cutting-edge econometrics.Even the boxers admitted they were a mess at home, until we listened to Daniel, the teaching assistant (from Latin America).Last week, Daniel told us about testing nested models.It’s not over in a few keystrokes.He proved the formula in detail on the blackboard, then analyzed the shortcomings of the computer model and wrote a calculation program himself on the spot.After a few seconds, his results came back, calculated with better accuracy than the computer’s curing program.”Oh !!!!!”That’s how our minds are opened up.We learned to analyze computer models naturally through the teaching assistant course.Instead of just clicking the mouse, as in the old days.These days when doing homework, I used to write some statements.I always think in principle about the results of computer calculations.After a few weeks, the boxers were subdued.2. PhD Education in America and PhD Education in ChinaWe really admire them more and more.Wow, the Doctoral education in the United States is awesome.I remembered that I was studying in Peking University.It’s really sad.Can a teacher who can’t even articulate a lesson in his or her field of expertise be competent?Did he graduate from a bad school?Usc is also among the top 30 in economics in the US, in other words, the top 30 in economics in the world.Poor?Why are all PHDS from American cow schools, the difference can be so big?We were two teaching fellows, both foreigners in the United States, with extremely strong accents.Still, we sound so comfortable.I finally understand, the only explanation is: the doctoral education in the United States, there is only a small probability of defective, but, unfortunately, defective products are returned to China.As a result, there are no shortage of Chinese PhD graduates from American universities who have returned to China, but few of them can achieve similar achievements as their American PhD classmates.Mind you, similar achievements to their American classmates.Last Monday, teacher Macroscopic sent an email to everyone in the mailbox, saying that he had to leave after class, so he couldn’t answer any questions. I’m very sorry.You can answer our questions during his special q & A session or at another time.This is the education in the United States, grandpa Kong once said, “father and son, king and minister”, to describe the education in the United States: teachers, students and students.The basic relationship between teachers and students is a kind of professional ethics. Teachers must answer students’ questions. It is their duty.In China, only the best teachers have the patience to answer your questions so many times.In The United States, since the name of teacher and student has been defined, it is the basic responsibility of the teacher to explain the confusion.Whenever you are in class, you can raise your hand and ask a question (I have the freedom now, but I’m not used to it yet).”There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.””Any questions?”It’s the mantra of almost every teacher.This is the basic professional ethics of teachers, students and students.Look at our homework again.Each topic is carefully thought out by the teacher, and its goal is centered on the core concepts and methods of class.American homework is really gelievable.Homework is good because the teacher is good, and the teacher is good because he has the right professional ethics.New York University undergraduates can enroll directly in the master’s program without a GRE score.Through communication with them, I can more and more realize that step by step, low starting point and high landing point.New York University economics undergraduates must take six credits of statistics before they can take four credits of econometrics.Most students stop there, because you already know the core content.However, this does not mean that they are worse than you, and then you can choose time series 4 credits.If you still want to study, there are also discussion courses in Econometrics for 4 credits.If you’re still not satisfied, you can take 4 more credits in advanced econometrics.In this way, when you finally finish your studies, you have fully reached the level required by American doctoral students.So, a top UNDERGRADUATE at NYU doesn’t need to come to our master’s program at all, and it’s not necessary to apply for a PhD unless he or she has to teach later.Conversely, what about China?Undergraduate students, graduate students at a loss what to do, doctoral students all day bullshit.Undergraduate course did not lay a solid foundation to make up for with graduate students, graduate students still want to make up for with doctoral students.To the end, there was no result.That’s the way it is in the United States, effectively stratified and tailored to different objects and needs.American undergraduates can choose their own courses according to their own interests, and then directly to work.Outstanding undergraduates, those who want to do research, go to graduate school for a PhD.To become a professional, go to medical school for four years to get an MD Doctor, or go to court for three years to get a Juris Doctor.Those who work straight out of college, have accumulated enough experience over the years to come and get an MBA.The hierarchy is clear.American education cultivates people.Each level has its own clear goal and has sufficient conditions to achieve this goal.Education is like the training of plants.The care a plant needs to thrive.But in China, you have no greenhouse and no care.You can only soak up warmth in the winter sun, leaning on the heavens.God only knows how it turned out.WeChat number: public RongYi hire blog | listen to edit