Have you ever soaked in a health spa?New Year’s Day at Xinjing Hot Spring in Chongqing

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Have you ever soaked in a health spa?It is said that Xinjing hot spring belongs to natural functional metasilic acid and strontium hot spring, which has certain medical care effect on restoring vascular elasticity, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension and other diseases.It can also enhance skin elasticity and delay aging.Words do not say, I went to bubble first, hope to wake up to discover young ten years old!Transportation: One-hour drive in the main city Time: 2 days and one night Price: Bamboo Forest hot spring ticket 168 yuan/child ticket 84 yuan/piece Warm tips: Tired, hungry, full state is not suitable for hot spring.During the Spring Festival, Chongqing Xinjing Leyang Hotel will also hold meng Baby big pass, Tiger Tiger market, fun raising carnival and other activities, now pay attention to the “Chongqing Xinjing official public account” can also snap up a hot spring set ticket as low as 299, Spring Festival to Xinjing bubble hot spring bar!