Huangshi Port District carried out special education activities for community correction objects

2022-07-12 0 By

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Liu Jian) On the morning of March 25, Huangshi Huangshi Port district organized this year’s new community correction objects and dangerous driving crime correction objects to carry out special education activities.During the educational activities, the person in charge of huangshi Port Community Correction Center notified and analyzed the recent typical case of Wang, the community correction object, and warned the community correction object must strictly abide by the laws and regulations and community correction supervision and management regulations, strengthen the study of legal knowledge, and resolutely not touch the red line.The provincial department of Justice assigned to huangshi Port Bureau of justice prison police emphasized that the object of community correction should improve the awareness of correction in prison, strictly abide by the provisions of community correction management, tighten the string of law-abiding rules, do not try the law by example;In the special period of receiving correction, we should recognize our identity, be grateful, cherish the hard-won opportunity of community correction, resolutely obey the management, and repay the family and society with practical actions.At the end of the activity, participants in community correction focused on learning the Community Correction Law and watched the traffic safety warning educational film “Let life Be Without Regret — Stay away from drunk Driving and Go Home Safely”. By using the warning education method based on case statements, the participants in community correction were more intuitively taught to correct their attitude.After the meeting, the objects of community correction expressed their gratitude to the Party and the government for the correction opportunity, and they would tighten the “string” of community correction in the future and strive for a smooth return to society as soon as possible.