Sacrifice the ego!Valieva: I fell on purpose!International Skating Federation review: Crash!

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Sacrifice the ego!Valieva: I fell on purpose!International Skating Federation review: Crash!Beijing Winter Olympic Games is undoubtedly a feast, players from various countries here to show their respective strength and charm, speaking of the more dazzling than the Russian little player Valieva, as well as the Russian team she represents.Valieva made a mistake in the face of a medal haul that put her ahead of the rest of the world.Now, why did she choose? Was it on purpose?Indeed, Valieva herself said why, but the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation gave her a two word comment, which is ironic.Let’s keep talking.The competition came after pressure on 15-year-old Valieva over her doping scandal. Although the IOC allowed her to continue competing, it made it clear that there would be no medal ceremony if she finished in the top three.In this context, it was a difficult match for Valieva.On the one hand, she has the strength and determination to compete for the gold medal;On the other hand, whether the Russian team could take the stage to collect the medal, perhaps after some consideration, finally in the free skate, Valieva made a mistake, out of the medal contention.After the match, many people were speculating about the result, but they thought valieva did it on purpose to see the medal ceremony go ahead as planned.This speculation, however, has been confirmed, not by Valieva publicly, but by her mouth in the face of the coach’s criticism off the court.When the coach criticized her, the most touching line was probably: “Why stop fighting?The next moment Valieva replied: “But then the ceremony won’t be cancelled.”Have to thank this netizen, send out this dialogue in time, otherwise everybody may still be in the dark.The International Skating Federation, however, was not so cynical about Valieva’s performance in the competition.It’s hard to imagine valieva being under such pressure and doubt at such a young age. She had the strength to win the gold medal, but she gave it away.She did it just to make the ceremony go smoothly and to see her teammates have a chance to stand on the podium, no doubt with good intentions, but it’s a shame to sacrifice her ego.To sum up, the Beijing Winter Olympics is about fair and just competition. If there is a positive doping test, it must be strictly investigated, and Valieva is no exception.Although she was not found guilty of doping in the end, rules are rules and cannot be ignored.Let’s just say she had bad luck, suffered from it and felt so stressed that she made a mistake and dropped out of the race for a medal.Hope she stays strong!