The story of fixing money

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Perhaps the most mended thing other people do is their clothes, but the most mended thing I do is money.When I was a student, EVERY time I got a piece of money, I would look carefully to see if there was any damage that needed to be repaired. Only when it was repaired could I dare to spend it.Remember when I was in high school, I was just going to take a piece of fifty cents to spend, and found it had a mouth on it, so I took out the tape and stuck it.After sticking, I found this piece of money a little shabby, just use tape to stick this piece of fifty cents the whole time.After sticking, looking at this straight, shiny, change yan a new fifty cents, my heart is also beautiful.But when I got to the concession stand, I was dumbfounded.”I shouldn’t have taken it from you.You can’t tape them all together.Nobody wants it.”After listening to the words of the lady of the grocery store, my face was red and I did not know what to say. I did not think that “good intentions do bad things”.”So be it.”The old woman handed me the shaoxing cake.Since then, I’ve learned that money is not a fix, and that the less tape you use, the better.[Smiling] Why do I care so much about money?Because I’m afraid people think my money is not new enough, not good enough.I like spending new money the most, and I feel no psychological burden when I spend new money.But in the old money, I will be careful, take a good look at their own money, and then judge others will not dislike my money.I will spend the money only after I make sure there is no problem.But still very worried, the other side of the evaluation of my money, until the money received, I was relieved.When I identify money in question, I choose to leave it in the piggy bank or give it to my family and let them spend it.I do not like to spend old money, but I dare not refuse old money handed to me.It takes a lot of courage for me to ask someone for a new note.Why did I do that?Reflecting on my school days, I found that what I did most was “study”, immersed in my own books every day, and had little interaction with people around me.Parents and teachers almost help me deal with things other than study, and I have few opportunities to face things independently.When I was a student, I grew up very smoothly, and everything fell into place.Growing up in this environment, MY heart is very timid, I dare not say no to others, also afraid of being rejected.I lacked the opportunity to grow in the face of things.After I got married at work, I was still afraid of being rejected.What I dare not do, I will ask my spouse and children to do.I said to the child “this is to exercise you”, the child said “come on, you dare not.”Over the years, I’ve changed, but I’m still holding back, unwilling to try things on my own.Fortunately, with the advent of the wechat era, the embarrassment of spending money is gone, but other “rejection and rejection” can not be avoided.Sometimes it takes a long time to dial a phone that has not been contacted for a long time. My daughter says this is “communication phobia”.Where did my “relationship phobia” come from? Looking back on my upbringing, one thing seemed to be missing — a buddy fight.Since childhood, I have never quarreled with partners, sometimes bullied, but also my sister for my head, do sister I hide behind.The only fight I ever had with someone ended when they made fun of my accent.Think about it carefully, I lack the opportunity to face partners independently, lack the opportunity to grow in contradiction, which is not “rejected and rejected” it?In the countless times of interactive games, quarrels, running-in, children’s hearts will be strong.It seems that everything should be treated dialectically and made good use of it to promote the development of children.