When Conan’s skateboard into reality, who would not want to have such a cool skateboard?

2022-07-12 0 By

Conan’s skateboard must be known to all, who would not want to have such a smart daze cool artifact?Conan really cool skateboard China a tech company to make such a smart skateboard, it’s called spectra, is the first in the world have sense of learning and memory of 3 d body system, and through the body feeling intelligent interactive applications to control board, can learn when you use a skateboard body habits and riding style,In order to customize a riding pattern that belongs to you.Built-in AI system can intelligently optimize the taxi experience, automatic braking, so that the use of more intelligent and safe, even if you are a novice can also let you immediately go to the street to play cool.The Spectra smart motion-sensing skateboard is so impressive that owning Conan’s skateboard is no longer just a dream.Do you want to own an anime skateboard when it comes to reality?Feel free to leave a comment below!Like friends can also add a concern oh!