Business people must think, 2022 help you “beyond expectations”, have a suspended life

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Many professionals have experienced this: staying in a job for a long time, slowly losing the enthusiasm they had at the beginning of the job, doing the same job over and over again, losing the sense of value and meaning in their work.What exactly is work worth?How can I increase my value at work?One person who shares this confusion is Yitaro Matsuura, author of Beyond Expectations.After dropping out of high school at the age of 17, he began a working life.I worked as a coffee shop clerk, a mover, a flier, a cleaner and a construction worker.Just saved enough money, and with a dream to travel to the United States.Despite his extensive work experience, he was troubled by how to increase his value.After constant exploration, he finally wrote “Beyond Expectations”, a book written for ordinary people’s life management insight, combined with his growth experience, and share with us how Mr. Matsuura, who was once as insignificant as everyone else, lived a free and rich life with the seeds of ideals.Now Matsuura yitaro has become a famous publisher, a million-selling author, the author of “100 Basics”, “Life Tips” and other best-selling books.”My life is more about openness, kindness and freedom,” he said.Building business relationships with others with a sense of ownership is not about being appreciated or admired, it’s more about touching people and exceeding expectations!When it comes to business, most of us must have the same reaction as I do: we think that business is for businesspeople, and that it has nothing to do with us ordinary people.After reading this book, I realized how one-sided my idea was.Everyone can run themselves as a company and have a business thinking that will make our work and life better.What is the essence of business?Business is a struggle for money and time.Let people spend money to buy their own products and services, or spend as much time as possible on the product they make, so as to make a profit.That as ordinary people how to use business thinking, help themselves to achieve accelerated career, life transition?The book tells us that instead of thinking about how much you will get in return for doing something, you should think about how you can exceed expectations and move more people.This is very consistent with Mr. Inamori Kazuo’s business philosophy, altruism, thinking of others, will make their own career better and better, so that they are more and more recognized.After changing our thinking, we find that what we should know more about is “human emotion” by thinking more deeply.Any business can easily cope with this insight.For example, what mood people are in at what time;What you want to hear when you feel sad;When do you want to go to the movies alone?What bothers people when they move…By mastering this way of thinking, we can predict what goods and services will be needed.Because people are willing to spend money and time on things that can solve their problems.For us working people, mastering business thinking is also very helpful.In our work, we will pay more attention to the needs of leaders and colleagues in the first place, the sadness and difficulties of customers in the first place, to bring happiness to important leaders, colleagues and customers around, and provide solutions to problems in the first place.If you work in this way for a long time, you will get more opportunities for career advancement or promotion.These days, when I went home for the Spring Festival, I heard from my elders that a child in a relative’s family quit his job because he didn’t get along well with his colleagues. A big guy in his 20s stayed at home all the time and didn’t find a suitable job.As professional people may have the same confusion: after getting familiar with the work, they can find more and more convenient ways, but interpersonal relationships are really difficult to deal with.The author of The book “Exceeding Expectations” gives us a lot of confidence that the building of relationships can be improved by learning some skills.(1) Honesty and courage increase trust trust is the foundation of interpersonal relationships.It’s especially important to be sincere when you meet someone for the first time.There is a concept in psychology called “primacy effect”, which refers to the impression left on people in the first interaction between people, which will form and dominate the mind of the other person, also known as the first impression.The concept of “seven seconds”, which the author mentions in his book, has a similar effect to the primacy effect.Before an appointment with an important guest, the writer takes great care to make sure he or she is pleasant and tries to eliminate any negative elements that might annoy them.Will also be very careful to check their appearance, smile, greetings, voice, wording, bow the way, body odor and bad breath.These techniques are simple and easy to learn, and we can learn them and apply them to our own careers.A genuine attitude, coupled with good appearance, will make the first step in a relationship much easier.The author tells us that proper etiquette, respect and sincerity are the foundation of human relations, but these alone cannot move people’s hearts, and ultimately determine the relationship between the two sides is enthusiasm.Our enthusiasm will be transmitted to each other through body, voice and facial expression. If we keep great enthusiasm for our work, we will also inadvertently send such messages when doing our work, which will make people happy and happy.Enthusiastic people will be chosen over those with specific skills when building teams.Enthusiasm is all the more valuable because it can’t be bought or measured.In the workplace, a person’s character is more important than their ability to do the job.Being authentic, trustworthy, and empathic will help you have a more harmonious relationship.At the end of “Beyond expectations” clearly put forward: the basic business is to exceed expectations.Every business in the world runs on this rule.For those of you who want to feel miserable at work, there are a few tips in this book that can help you eliminate anxiety and feel confident again.Read this book, in the face of any difficulties, you will have the courage to start again, with pride to continue to move forward, towards the open life running.Image source network, delete