CS35PLUS Blue Whale edition appearance adopts a new design style, the overall shape is angular

2022-07-14 0 By

The appearance of Changan CS35 PLUS adopts a new design style, and the overall shape is angular.The shape of the front is also redesigned, the layering and stereo sense have been improved, the overall shape of the front face is more robust.The new Changan CS35 PLUS adopts the latest family design. The front face is shaped as rock fracture, which runs through each other with the headlights on both sides, giving the whole car a strong sense of stereo.The car is fitted with ergonomic “Nappa” leather seats wrapped in a soft golden brown for comfort.Changan CS35 PLUS interior design also has a sense of layers, using the latest family design style, the central console with a large area of soft packaging, the central screen with a large size, and silver decoration decoration, more delicate.The interior design of the new car is not much different from the cash model, and the overall layout is family-style design.In terms of intelligent safety, Changan CS35 PLUS is equipped with ACC full-speed adaptive cruise system and PAB active brake early warning system.BOSCH ESP 9.3 electronic stability control system and Continental third generation electronic braking system.With the new style of daytime running lights, can be said to be more durable than cash models, but also more attract the attention of young consumers.However, from the current official information, the changan CS35 PLUS technology and security configuration of the configuration is very rich.The new Changan CS35 PLUS has the same engine as the previous model.The world’s top power technology brings users a smoother driving experience and a stronger economy for Changan CS35 PLUS.The new 1.6-L in-cylinder direct injection engine has an impressive compression ratio of 13:1 and is equipped with AGILE GDI technology to achieve even better combustion efficiency of fuel and air mixtures.