College students pant to walk immovable, sudden heart failure!Doctor: Quit it to save your life

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↑ : Pay attention to medical pulse tong health, see more good articles hello everyone!”To ask pulse sister” column for the first time New Year!In 2022, you have time to visit more, can get a lot of dry goods health knowledge oh.But anything you want to know about health care, you can ask!So don’t hesitate to follow us, scan the qr code and leave a message “Sister Mai: I have a question…”, waiting for you ~FORM a little confused Ma Sheng mai sister hello!My roommate, Xiao Cui, a junior, was admitted to ICU a few months ago. The doctor diagnosed as acute heart failure, which almost caused a serious accident.Why age is not big, got heart failure now?He usually likes sports, and his health did not show any serious problems before.He said he has been jogging since junior high school, and his favorite time to quench his thirst after jogging in the summer is to drink lots of iced sports drinks.Because we are in the same dormitory, he is a little edema feet, think jogging or playing games sit too long, before going to bed to lift the leg to reduce swelling.Before long, when autumn and winter season alternate, often shout tired, what activity also did not attend, after eating dinner, he feels more and more breathless, even walk have difficulty, sit down to rest also did not have what to improve……I heard that his parents are so strict that he feels not free, so he chose a university far away from home.When I was in college, I took part in many associations and parties, and I was fond of drinking. Sometimes I drank more wine than water at a party.After we brought him to the emergency room, x-rays revealed pulmonary edema and cardiac hypertrophy, and blood tests concluded metabolic acidosis and renal failure, which could not rule out myocardial infarction.The e.R. physician ordered an EKG and a myocardial enzyme profile.Tests showed that the myocardial enzyme profile was in the normal range, but the ECG was abnormal.Due to respiratory failure, he was intubated and transferred to ICU for treatment. Echocardiography showed poor systolic function and pulmonary hypertension.Pulmonary edema resulting from acute heart failure, leading to respiratory failure.The attending physician conducted further tests to rule out other causes of heart failure.Diuretic treatment improved respiratory failure and pulmonary edema, but could not be extubated.No other cause of heart failure was found in the test results, except a slight increase in thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which could not rule out heart failure and pulmonary edema caused by hypothyroidism. The attending physician consulted an endocrinologist to evaluate whether thyroid function was abnormal.The endocrinologist, after physical examination and medical history, reported that the slight increase in thyrotropin was probably due to stress changes in response to acute symptoms, rather than actual hypothyroidism.However, the patient has the habit of drinking alcohol and sugary drinks for a long time. It should be noted whether the heart failure is caused by vitamin B1 deficiency.Consider supplementing vitamin B1 first and continue to observe whether the symptoms improve.One week after vitamin B1 supplementation, his pulmonary edema and symptoms of breathing and wheezing improved and he was successfully extubated.After his serious illness, he gave up drinking and did not drink a lot of sugary drinks. A recent review showed that the systolic function of the heart improved, and edema and shortness of breath did not occur again.I have a puzzle, a little love of alcohol and beverages, will cause heart failure?Why can lack vitamin B1 bring about heart failure?Ma Sheng: Hello!Poor lifestyle habits, excessive alcohol consumption, infections, chronic uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, or genetic abnormalities can all lead to heart failure at a young age.The British Medical Journal Case Reports reports that a 21-year-old man who drank an energy drink as water developed heart failure and was admitted to the INTENSIVE care unit.He did not have myocardial infarction or cardiomyopathy, the common causes of heart failure, and did not ingest any other cardiotoxic substances.After he was discharged, he stopped drinking energy drinks and his heart function improved significantly.The cause of heart failure, the researchers believe, is chronic overconsumption of beverages.Let’s go into more details.Heart failure can be caused by many factors, including high blood pressure, diabetes, myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, irregular heartbeat, viral or bacterial infections, lung disease, thyroid disease and poor lifestyle habits.Both smoking and drinking alcohol increase the risk of heart failure, and people with chronically low blood pressure also have a higher risk of heart failure.If hypertension occurs in people younger than 30, look for other causes of secondary hypertension.Vitamin B1 (Vitamin B1), also known as thiamine or anti-neuritis hormone, is the earliest purified water-soluble Vitamin, which has the function of maintaining normal sugar metabolism.Made by fungi, microbes and plants, animals and humans can only get it from food.Vitamin B1 mainly exists in the outer skin and germ of seeds, such as rice bran and bran is rich in content.Vitamin B1 has to maintain normal sugar metabolism, maintain cell membrane structure, stable nerve conduction effect.Vitamin B1 lack of heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, may produce limb edema, tachycardia, cardiac hypertrophy, pulmonary edema and other symptoms.Alcohol consumption reduces vitamin B1 absorption and also blocks the phosphorylation of the active metabolite of vitamin B1.Alcohol-related vitamin B1 deficiency is one of the most common causes of vitamin B1 deficiency in clinical practice. The cardiovascular system is manifested as tachycardia, edema, cardiac hypertrophy and dilation, which can be treated by supplementing vitamin B1, diuretic detumation and gastrointestinal regulation.In addition to the cases of vitamin B1 deficiency caused by long-term heavy drinking, there are few cases of vitamin B1 deficiency caused by food deficiency.But there are many patients with allergic dermatitis, diabetes, because of excessive restriction of diet, cause the case of vitamin B1 deficiency.Also note that for carbohydrate metabolism, the body needs to consume vitamin B1.When the human body is short of water, if it is often supplemented with sugary drinks, it will accelerate the loss of vitamins.Japan has a lactation period children, do not eat staple food and soy products, drink milk drinks to drink vitamin B1 deficiency cases.Although do not drink so, but dietary habit has deviation, plus often drink to contain candy beverage, also may bring about vitamin B1 to lack.People who work or exercise need to consume a lot of calories, in addition to increasing calorie supplement, also should pay attention to supplement vitamin B1.Vitamin B1 is mainly absorbed in the intestine, and people who have undergone gastrointestinal surgery or weight-loss surgery are prone to fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, folic acid, and iron deficiency.If the postoperative nutritional intake is not balanced, or the total calorie is too low, it may also lead to vitamin B1 deficiency.Finally, I enclose a list of foods with high levels of vitamin B1 (more than 0.5mg per 100g) :Rice germ, sliced ham (pork), wheat germ, sparerib soup, towel gourd, chicken soup, pork tenderloin, groundnut kernels, west celery, pig lean meat, dried mushrooms, sunflower seeds, black sesame (raw), white sesame (raw), soybean meal, salted egg yellow duck, pig hamstring meat, soybean milk powder, dried meat duck egg yellow, strip (pork), rice bean, pig hind legs meat, roast pork, cashew nuts, dried mushrooms, mung beans, peanuts, pine nuts, cumin powder, pistachios, buckwheat, black beans, oats.1. “Reverse nutrients: Nutrition Application Medical Clinic, Regulating, Improving the size of the problem of sugar control notes”/Zhuang Wulong Doctor Booz Think Tank 2.This oedema must not be ignored!Perhaps the heart failure has begun!Xiao Ming, Deputy chief physician, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Shandong Jiaotong HospitalWikipedia – Heart failure ↑ : Medical pulse tong Health, read more good articles