Haishun New Material co., LTD. (300501.SZ) : Plans to use no more than 300 million yuan of temporarily idle own funds for cash management

2022-07-14 0 By

, long hui 丨 hai shun on March 27, announced new material (300501 SZ), the company held on March 25, 2022, the fourth session of the board of directors meeting of 20 and the 18th session of the fourth session of the board of supervisors, reviewed and adopted the “about using partial spare their own money to the bill in cash management, agreed to ensure that the company daily operations and capital under the condition of safety,Use temporary idle own funds of no more than 300 million yuan for cash management for no more than 12 months to purchase financial products with high safety, good liquidity, controllable risks and stability, so as to increase the earnings of cash assets of the company.Within the above term and limit of use, funds can be used in a rolling manner.The matter has yet to be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders for consideration.