Chizi youth “love” country heart ice soul snow soul “Ling” yunzhi

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China’s Gu Ailing staged a stunning comeback in the women’s freestyle ski big jump final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Feb 8, winning China’s first ever gold medal in women’s moguls.For a while, this proud race track, a jump of ice and snow goddess fire all over China, become the glory of the light in the eyes of the national people.This is the patriotic heart of The Chinese children, the ambition of the youth, is the light of the intersection of personal dream and national dream.The post-00 Olympian lady has attracted the young generation with her strong spirit of “strong enough to touch and touch with many times”, and has become a new model of strong and strong riring for all of our young cadres.Big energy comes from small bodies.18 GuAiLing since the galloping ski resorts at the age of eight, and many outstanding achievements in various international competitions, this is on behalf of the motherland in the home for the first time to participate in such a big event, the 2022 Beijing Olympics under huge pressure, she jumps in the first two times after the achievement is not the dominant, now she is not discouraged, reforming mentality, a gamble,On the third jump, she successfully challenged an unprecedented off-axis turn of 1620 degrees in two weeks and landed smoothly.This is the outbreak of the energy, is the test of strength, but also our many young cadres lack of perseverance, the down the brave spirit, although sometimes we will be confused and frustrated, but can not ziqi, must not fear hardship, grasped the nettle, to take responsibility, dare to face difficulties, for what we have wonderful life,To do our best to help our increasingly strong country, and leave no regrets.Little people dream bigger than big dreams.”I always said I didn’t come here to beat other players, I just wanted to break my own boundaries,” Gu said in her post-match interview.The young woman’s broad mind and boldness of spirit and heaven test high, she failed in the second jump, firmly choose to challenge themselves, beyond the limit of the third jump, this kind of arrogant and impetuous, jedi counterattack attitude than superb skills, more can highlight the new era of young people “dare to call the sun and the moon to change the sky” lofty ambition.After Gu Ailing won the gold medal, the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach personally congratulated her. Of course, no matter whether she won the medal or not, when she stood in the stadium that moment, she had already become a heroine in our hearts.There is no size of the dream, as long as there is a dream, as long as dare to think, bold struggle, they can achieve and beyond.Now, “my opponent is me”, this is our young cadres should have the work of courage and attitude!Small children contain big feelings.While mountains and rivers separate us, we enjoy the same moonlight under the same sky.GuAiLing was born in San Francisco, since the childhood influenced by strict and good at encouraging grandma, speaks fluent mandarin, a standard family education osmosis and the culture of the Chinese nation unconsciously that the Beijing hutong half-blood girl growing up on behalf of the Chinese took part in the Olympics, although some media questioned speech,But she just took it easy with love.It is an open and inclusive character that young cadres should learn from. It comes from our deep cultural confidence.Xi general secretary more than once mentioned “head” of countries, we always have the collective consciousness, the general wind, outside to practice tolerance, intrinsic, and forging found problems in work keen, analyzing problems deeply, the ability to solve the problem completely, avoid arrogance, 勠 relentlessly resourceful, ease my mind and put eye strengths, put high work standards,Constantly improve the ability to cope with risks and challenges and the erosion of game temptation, with hard work to mark the original intention, with youth to confirm the mission.A small role sets a great example.Although there are many labels attached to Gu in people’s eyes, such as “excellent student”, “model” and “Olympic champion”…But her soaring, it is day after day efforts, is never say die hard.No one’s life can be duplicated, but the path and spirit of a successful life can be duplicated and passed down.”Winter Olympics dream, Chinese dream”.Today, Gu Ailing’s battle of honor is a shining star in the brilliant river of Chinese children. Under her influence, we believe that there will be countless stars shining in China.”When the young are strong, the country is strong.”We are the witnesses, pilots and reformers of The Times. As young cadres in the new era, we must always have firm historical confidence, ceaseless succession of the red blood, and keep our feet on the ground, walk in the forefront, and aim for the distance. In the name of youth, we will write a brilliant epic of The Times.(Zhang Jiahui, Organization Department, Qilihe District Committee, Lanzhou)