Military marriage: “Get your fingers married: Army little don’t mess around” beautiful female VS domineering army little, and flirt and pet

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Hello everybody baby hello, are you in the situation of book shortage recently, do not know what to read?Today recommended, can be described as my heart love!!I believe you will like it!Words do not say much, beginning ~ today xiaobian recommended to everyone: military marriage: “Get your fingers married: Army little don’t mess around” beautiful female VS domineer army little, and flirt and pet!The first book: “get your finger married: Seal less don’t mess” author: Meat scene introduction: military marriage: “Get your finger married: army less don’t mess” beautiful female VS domineer army little, and flirt and pet!Why should she have to live with that man who is as cold as stone!Later……Being slapped in the face by reality.Some female: “husband, you grow be true handsome!The best handsome in the world!””I’ve heard someone say I’m ugly, like a rock.””Oh, that man must be blind.”Into the pit guide: Su Mu warm white eyes Lu Yicheng, this person is cheap also sold.”I’ve just come back, and you know the food better than I do.””Exactly.”Lu Yicheng nodded, four years of time is not very long, but also enough to make a city gradually change, Su Mu warm just returned home, really need him to take care of it.”You drive, I give you directions, today I take you to taste the food of our country, every day in Italy to eat western food, I think you see western food are sick to your stomach.””Good.”Su Mu nuan nods, appreciates lu Yicheng knows her facial expression to speak this function very much.She vowed that if Lu yicheng dared to say that he wanted western food in front of her, she would make him vomit without eating.Cheep!Lu yicheng took her to the restaurant style is very good, the atmosphere is also great, completely in line with Su Mununeng’s preferences.Su Mu warm mood good, looking at the front of a meal, index finger big move.”Isn’t it delicious?Lu Yicheng see Su Mu warm eat with relish, the whole person immediately elated.He lu Yicheng eat, drink and skittles no impassability, the way of nature where the food is delicious.With that, he pushed the refreshments the waiter had just brought toward Su Mu-nuan.Su Mu warm not polite, directly clip the starting point of the heart to serve in the mouth, with the way of blinking eyes answered the question of Lu Yicheng.Lu Yicheng spoiled the smile, see su Mu warm rare so happy confused time, there is a kind of want to stretch out his hand to touch su Mu warm small head of impulse.However, he knows that this hand, the result is definitely the back of the hand was directly shot red, he Will not take the initiative to find abuse.”After dinner, where do you want to go? Do you want to go shopping for clothes with you?Ben is busy every day, but I am free today. I can accompany you to play everywhere.”Su Mu warm ignored, looked at lu Yicheng slowly eat things, and then eat up.Until after eating, spontaneous behavior patted his belly, looking at the table of food are she and Lu Yicheng eat seven, eight, eight, satisfied lips.”Have you ever been busy?””……”Lu paused to wipe his mouth and quickly resumed his routine.”Mu mu, I found that I was speechless.”She did have things to do, but it wasn’t buying clothes. She just had enough to wear.All that mattered to her now was a vehicle that would suit her.”To buy a car, of course.””Good!”Lu nodded, and the waiter paid the bill and quickly signed it.Two people eat dinner, drove to the largest and most complete car point, looked at the inside placed a car a latest model, Su Mu warm eyes immediately shine.”Looking at cars is an artistic thing for someone who loves cars.”Service staff standards stand respectfully on the side, see Lu Yicheng and Su Mu warm walked in, the line of sight first swept a brand of Lu Yicheng, looked at the face will know its identity.As for his side su Mu warm dress ordinary, appear general, clothes are not luxury brand, standing beside Lu Yicheng, like a subordinate.”Hello.”Su Mu warm for the service personnel’s polite greetings turned a deaf ear, the whole mind is in the car, sharp eyes and professional swept every car on the scene, lips smile is not deep.Lu Yicheng saw an eye, know su Mu warm has not seen their favorite model.(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: Zhan Shao Love his wife today? By: Meng Yi Introduction: I heard that the only heir of Zhan Jia, gifted, but born autistic.It was said that every living creature could not come within three feet of him, but he took a girl in his arms and spent the night as a sleeping potion.Into the pit guide: Just want to go to the door of the footsteps immediately stopped, suddenly see the war north rong frown, a hand on the ground, and before just for good medicine wound also began to bleed, the gauze on the body is also slowly from white to red conversion.The forehead…Don’t…Is it because you just fell on him and touched his wound?The China Metasequoia worried about standing still, the heart is full of guilt, although he is wrong in the first, but now this situation……Moreover, if you offend the person in front of you, it is not worthwhile to reinstate your official position in case you get killed because of your unintentional behavior.Zhou Sister-in-law unknown reason rush to carry the tray upstairs, pops also heard the sound followed.As soon as they came up, they saw Zhanbeirong sitting on the ground, still with a look of refusing people from thousands of miles away. These people all know zhanbeirong’s habits. Seeing his icy appearance, the Don glanced at the Metasequoia and asked the Eagle in a serious tone, “What’s going on here?It was all right just now!”Li Eagle helpless pursed under the mouth, did not directly answer the don’s words, “or the young master wound first treatment.”Then turned to stand next to the door bite tight lips of the China Metasequoia, motioned for China metasequoia to help deal with the north war wound.The Don also with the eagle’s vision to see the Water yew, just like a pair of unhappy to the air.The Water cedar looked up at the eyes of the few people, there is no way, even if the wound is not so guilty because of her, will be the whole war house people eyes to kill.Squatting beside zhanbei Rong in a panic, like coaxing children to say softly: “We first get up to deal with the wound good, otherwise the infection is very troublesome.”Zhan North rong raised double eyes, eyes deep to look at the nervous appearance of the Water tress, the brow is wrinkled but what words also did not say, still remain unchanged motionless.The Water cedar helplessly sighed in the bottom of my heart, can only pretend to calm “forget the past” of a sweet smile, gentle tone, “obedient ha, I help you up.”Say that finish, then stretched out his hand to help zhan North rong solid and powerful hand.War north rong dead stare at the smile of the Mu Shui yew, tone of voice firmly from the mouth slowly spit out a few words “not – xu – leave – open!”The mu Metasequoia glanged once, the hand that touched the war north rong also suddenly of shake once, next second then even sound coax way “good good, what you say is what, I don’t leave don’t leave.”War north rong still motionless dark, the face seems to write “I don’t believe” three characters.At this moment, the China Metasequoia finally understand what is the eyes can kill people, in front of this person, even if do not speak, also can always let others breathe a breath.”I swear, I will often come!Or else…”The Chinese yew seemed to think of something and put a little finger in front of him.Next to the Li Eagle they stand in a face stunned at the side, but this is the war of north rong, set handsome and proud and wisdom and reject people at thousands of miles away from the war of north rong!So…Childish behavior…Does it really work for him?(Click the following link to read the novel) Book three: “Pillow Marriage” by: Pea Introduction: She loves him, lost a heart.He hates her. All he wants is a heart.When love is gone, how can I find you…Guide to entering the pit: Luo Bei’s expression, which was not worried at first, froze immediately after hearing the broadcast. After thinking for a moment, he immediately pulled Xu Yuran to his feet and said:”Quick, let’s find somewhere to hide!”Xu Youran one leng, way: “how?”Luobei road: “The train will not stop for no reason, damn the routine inspection!I just saw Jiang Hanchuan’s secretary!”Xu yuran’s face turned white and she didn’t ask any more questions. She followed Luo Bei up and walked towards the dining car.The whole train except the dining-car was not blocked at the door, and they had to get out before they got in!Xu Ran’s heart beat fast, her mind a blank, leaving only one thought…Jiang Hanchuan is coming to catch her!He wants the egret’s heart back!Luo Bei and Xu Yuran walked smoothly all the way to the dining car, luo Bei in front, Xu Yuran closely behind, when they stood in the empty dining car stopped.Luo Bei let go and asked Xu to wait. He took the lead in exploring the empty dining car, only to hear a bang and the door of the car was suddenly closed.Luo Bei suddenly looked back, but saw across a glass door, Jiang Hanchuan stood behind Xu Youran, like a huge shadow, will be xu Youran the whole cover.When Jiang Hanchuan appeared behind, Xu Youran did not need to look back, he felt his breath.Seven years of time, how could she forget his taste, so unforgettable, deep into the soul.Xu Yuran smiled a bitter smile at Luo Bei through the door and said silently, “I’m sorry.”Sorry, she can not escape, she failed to live up to Luo Bei’s kindness, perhaps will bring jiang Hanchuan revenge for him.Behind, Jiang Hanchuan’s hoarse voice sounded.”Why, no more hiding?Relax.”Xu Youran standing quietly, she slightly looked up, red eyes but no tears, she said: “Jiang Hanchuan, in order to catch me, good big battle, is it worth it?”Jiang Hanchuan stretched out his hand, a drag xu Youran’s arm, she twisted over, but on the pair of red eyes, he frowned, Yin surly said: “You dare to escape, must be ready.”Xu Youran desolate smile, ruthlessly said: “Jiang Hanchuan, you are not a person.”(Click the link below to read the novel) The above is all the novels introduced to you today, if you like it, hurry to read it, don’t forget to bookmark and share!Past wonderful content review: “80 of the good wife happy” rebirth wedding that day, she no longer fled military marriage, holding the commander does not put!”Jin Nian Chuan” prime minister nasty full palace run, because the son of heaven with dragon robe took away his little daughter!”I merciless” sign a book of disengagement, she will scissors stab into the abdomen of bulge “we liangqing” “love you like treading on thin ice” he takes first love to go home, pregnant wife turn around disappear, he: make fun of with you “reborn 90: my husband has a bit warm” reborn into farming female, hazy married to the head of military area!