Shanghai men’s basketball suffered a blow super foreign aid refused to return to the team Li Chunjiang dilemma

2022-07-15 0 By

Currently in the CBA off-season, the teams will undergo a short adjustment after the opening of the third phase of the schedule, the Shanghai men’s basketball team, as the favorites to win the championship, the team’s record is 23-5, the second highest in the league, has already advanced to the playoffs.After the game franklin and Feng Lai two foreign aid to play, at the same time because guo Haowen injured, in order to supplement the thickness of the lineup, before the team’s national player Yan Peng return, at the same time the rumors left dong Hanlin is still recognized by Li Chunjiang.Li Chunjiang led the team to achieve more than expected results.However, after the end of the second phase, Shanghai men’s basketball team came to a bad news, super foreign aid Fredette is sure to miss the rest of the game, the reason given is that Fredette can not return to the team due to family reasons.The club acknowledges fredette’s commitment to caring for his family and wishes him and his wife the best.