“Clid is worse than Beichuan”, 957 named and criticized FPX: they can’t operate, are all problems

2022-07-16 0 By

The game between FPX and LNG must have been watched by all of our audience. It must have been a very exciting game for many of them, because both sides played the full three rounds.LGN finally won the game after the last three games, which also marked the loss of the game for FPX.In fact, FPX had a chance to win the game, but FPX didn’t take it and named FPX after 957.957 said on the live broadcast that there were too many reasons why 957 lost the game. They had too many problems.They didn’t play well in the last game and could have won LNG.They achieved so much pace in the early stage, but they couldn’t use it. LNG really caught the opportunity, mainly because FPX side didn’t operate, or the operation was really bad.Then 957 said, maybe this is Clid’s first game, he and his teammates may not have any run-in, there may be communication problems, so they do not cooperate well.This game look down, give me the most intuitive feeling is Clid is not as good as Beichuan.To be honest, Clid doesn’t have any problems in the game, but there are problems in communication, operation and cooperation.957 finally pointed out that FPX should consider whether to start Kitagawa or Clid. If Clid starts, he must fit in well with his teammates, otherwise he will not be able to operate, or they will not play at all in the middle and late stages.In fact, 957’s words seemed a bit true and harsh. He was also angry when FPX lost the game, because they could have won the game, but they lost the game at last, which made people feel sorry.I hope FPX can make a good summary of the problems and solve them in the future, so that FPX can make great progress.Once solved, we believe that the current FPX will remain the same as before.So what do you want to say about this?Welcome to the discussion.