Junior high school girls puppy love signs, not necessarily love to dress up, need to look at these phenomena is possible

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Development of the era of the progress of the society, now the children are very early, especially in junior middle school students, from elementary school to junior high school, there are obvious changes, they took off the young in elementary school gradually become mature, but still looked very young, this time the children of teenage, what their character are all a little rebellious, psychological also large changes have taken place.Especially in the aspect of schoolmate relationship, male and female students at this time will be attracted to each other in the process of getting along with each other, coupled with the catalyst of some TV plots, so that they develop from a good friendship between schoolmates into a love relationship.Relationship between junior high school students, it is the parents worried that “puppy love”, a lot of parents to hear the word “puppy love”, face all changed, heart also started to sorrow, especially the girls’ parents, more worry, because the girl’s heart sensitive and exquisite, have what matter also don’t like to communicate with their parents, if you hide from adult to fall in love, lose out to do.In fact, no matter the boys and girls in the “puppy love” before there are “signs”, and the “signs” of puppy love is not only love dress up, pay attention to the personal image of this phenomenon, generally there will be the following situations:A, the parents to have more pocket money and living children entered a junior high school, because of the need to go to night lessons, most can choose lodging, safer, parents usually give their children some of the cost of living regularly, convenient and they live in the school, close child can go home every day, they generally do not need too much pocket money,If some resident students often ask their parents for living expenses, and the children of day students often ask their parents for pocket money, pay attention to this situation.Whether boy or a girl, in love, like to dress up yourself, buy nice clothes, shoes and so on, their spare time to go out and go shopping, eat, drink milk tea, watching movies, then they are very exquisite ceremony feeling, love in some day or is a special holiday, will each other gifts, these all need money, though,Fall in love with the general expenditure of boys will be more, but it is inevitable that some girls are cheated or “pay”, so there will be frequent living expenses and pocket money expenditure needs.Second, about to buy same clothes or jewelry sometimes parents found the child suddenly a few color more bright-coloured fancy clothes or design, or never wear jewelry more children some accessories, such as bracelet, necklace, questioned children, but they said with roommates, or the class have, when the parents also want to watch more,It could be that the child is afraid of being blamed and is not telling the truth.Buy same clothes, shoes and jewelry is one of the most often do things between the couple, buy the same things can improve feelings, and junior high school students fall in love is usually surreptitiously, if wear the same clothes in school uniform, neck or hand quietly wearing jewelry, so “dark” poke, poke, they will feel more sweet.Three, emotional instability, a lot of parents the child periodic tea don’t think rice don’t want to, and is particularly excited due to puberty or normal change, after this time, if the child is actually a long time to have mood rain or shine, the volatile situation, should be more concerned about what exactly is the problem, sometimes children “puppy love” and so on.This age paragraph the child, in addition to having troubles with your classmates or academic pressure will be depressed, it is also possible that “love,” a lot of male and female students together is the result of the impulse, just by feeling it together, when I first got together like the Chinese New Year happily every day, every day is very excited, time is long, the feeling can become weak or even disappear.One of them will break up with someone in the next class who is better than the other, so one second may be happy, the next second will be a bolt from the blue, and one of them will always be sad for a long time, unable to extricate themselves, and even affect their studies.Conclusion:Many parents when children know that “puppy love”, the first reaction is very angry, think children don’t study hard, all day thinking about what a mess, but the adults are coming from their age, should know that children at this age appears such a phenomenon is very normal, don’t think it is a child to do something gross,Indiscriminately, it is hard to stop.Some school teacher found that students who “puppy love” will face directly in front of the class they criticize, thought that the student is “Epiphany” from then on, you can study well, darling obedient, it is more important than learning is a child’s growth and mental health, should properly guide, for the problem of puppy love should not be overkill.