Just how advanced was the Mayan civilization?After the restoration of the thousand-year-old fresco, the contents of the record are chilling

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The world recognized four ancient civilizations, respectively ancient China, ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, ancient India, leaving a brilliant civilization.But the only thing that has survived so far is China.Some people sigh that the spring has been sparse.Xi Dian has been flat, is about that glorious history.At that time in addition to these four ancient countries, located in the other side of the Ocean in America, the Maya, also have their own culture.Of course, unlike other civilizations, this continental civilization gives an unfamiliar impression.In fact, the Mayan civilization is very advanced, and with the help of murals thousands of years ago to understand that history, to refresh people’s understanding.For many of us, the Mayan civilization may feel very alien, perhaps too distant.This South American culture has been well known since the western colonization of South America, thus causing the world to know only a little about the Mayan civilization, not very familiar.But there is no denying the Maya created remarkable achievements, but also left the legend of the City of Gold, enough to be worshipped by later generations.But now the Maya left in the world, only the ruins of the jungle, from these cultural relics of the building to understand the Maya once brilliant, to tell the future generations how terrible.Thousands of years ago, when the Mayas appeared in desolate South America, they lived in prehistoric times without advanced scientific instruments.But they made great achievements in astronomy, mathematics, agriculture and art and culture.In some fields, it’s hundreds of years ahead, and it’s amazing how it’s done.The Mayan calendar divided the year into 365 days, with four leap years, and some wonder how they could have come up with such accurate results without scientific instruments.If the Mayans were alive today, they would surely be regarded as gods by posterity, and some of their discoveries may seem strange to posterity.The Mayan civilization is a mystery to posterity, and scientists have no way to explain why it suddenly disappeared from the world.The Mayan civilization, one of North America’s preeminent civilizations, was born in 1400 AD.A slave state was established as early as about 400 AD, reaching its peak between the 3rd and 9th centuries AD.As a result, a large number of buildings were left behind, leaving a brilliant page in history, which was later invaded by Western colonists and never recovered after that.It seems to disappear overnight, leaving behind only those beautiful ruins. One wonders where they went.Legend has it that the Mayans were aliens themselves, otherwise how could they have built those structures without metal tools and transportation?There are pyramids, temples, palaces, altars, steles, and so on. There is no way to explain them.Some speculate that the Mayans received some kind of order to stop all their activities and choose to leave.There is no definitive answer to whether they are alive or dead, not even skeletons.For the study of this civilization, there is virtually a great obstacle, like a blackout.Objectively, they are like shooting stars, and they feel mysterious.After the Mayans left, interest in the mayan civilization remained strong, and archaeologists have been studying it tirelessly.Also in their place of life, found a Mayan murals left, the content of the painting let posterity understand their culture at that time, but refresh people’s impression.Just as the murals in the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes familiarized future generations with that period of history, the Mayan murals serve a similar function.Because the earth’s crust changes, the site is covered in dust, making it hard to identify at first glance.After professional technical means, scientists perfect restoration of fresco content, and the Mysterious Mayan prophecy.The Mayans left prophecies, some of them true, so the world believed them.But this mural confirms their statement, it turns out that this mural shows modern life, I don’t know how they knew hundreds of years ago.There are spaceships drifting in space, planes in the sky, and countless tanks fighting.Scientists were surprised to see that they had a time machine that could predict life hundreds of years into the future.Some of the murals appeared hundreds of years ago. Scientists are more curious. How do they know?It has long been said that the Mayans were good at predicting the future, so many people see this as a warning to future generations.Rumor has it that the Mayans predicted that in 2012, the world would end and human culture would be extinct.But now that humans are alive and well, it seems that the Mayan predictions are not accurate, and scientists have studied the calculation at the time.The Mayans predicted the end of the earth several hundred years after the 21st century.The discovery of the mural has been linked to mayan prophecies and raised fears of another catastrophe.For future generations, there’s no need to panic. Most mayan prophecies were accurate, but not all.If the mural is accurate, it’s hundreds of years later.The painting seems to explain the mysterious disappearance of the Mayans as a result of natural and man-made disasters.Otherwise why on the other side of the earth, there should be such a developed modern civilization, some people suspect that they are aliens themselves, know that there is a catastrophe on earth, so escape here by spaceship.Others are convinced that the Mayans did not disappear, but dug a tunnel and went into hiding, predicting the end of the world.To continue the race, a narrow tunnel was dug to the center of the earth, where they could live and work.But there are also human reasons, is the limitations of the Maya themselves, in fact, they are also very warlike, for the national extinction of a great “foreshadowing”.This and some nations do not have what too big difference, lead to the ethnic contradictions, ethnic internecine warfare.At that time, natural disasters occurred frequently, which caused great damage to the living environment of the Maya.The Mayan settlement was not suitable for the local people and would naturally disappear from the world.It is an important theory that there is no definitive conclusion to the study of the Maya.Some people speculate that they were not earthling themselves, so they were able to create an advanced civilization and leave a lot of historical sites.Later, they find that the Earth will be doomed, so they escape the earth to avoid these disasters.For the Maya left this mural, for posterity, enough to wake up everyone.The contents of the painting are all about the occurrence of the war scene, which seems to reflect the world war, resulting in the death of countless people.See this matter more remind posterity, want not to let the earth perish, need to love peace, avoid war.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!