Guangzhou Nansha won a state-level financial opening policy to help financial innovation in Dawan District

2022-07-17 0 By

China New Net Guangzhou on January 26(jian wang Luo Ruixian) the reporter learns 26 from guangzhou nansha district, “nansha fta for cross-border trade and investment high level policy announcement” pilot financial opening 25 held in guangzhou, by the People’s Bank of China guangzhou branch business experts detailed interpretation of cross-border trade and investment high level open pilot policy, let the market main body and financial institutions to quickly understand the content of the policy,The pilot policy of foreign exchange management reform to better promote high-level opening-up of cross-border trade and investment has been implemented in Nansha.It is understood that Nansha New Area of Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone will be approved by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) and The State Council in early 2022 to carry out cross-border trade and investment high-level opening-up pilot.Lu Yixian, member of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Nansha District Party Committee, said that the approval of Nansha to carry out the high-level opening-up pilot of cross-border trade and investment is another national financial innovation and opening-up policy after the “15 Rules of Gold Reform in Nansha New Area”, which will inject strong impetus to the financial innovation and development of Nansha and even the Greater Bay Area.According to nansha district, in the support of the People’s Bank of China, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the nansha pilot, take the lead in cross-border trade and investment high level open both bear a “more open and more security” to the nation of foreign exchange management mechanism to find first important mission, and contains the important opportunity establishing a new system of the open economy, nansha will with high standard implementation of the pilot as a turning point,We will make greater efforts to promote financial services for the real economy, advance reform and opening up from a higher starting point, and make every effort to build a high-level platform for development and opening up that links the Bay Area and opens to the world, so as to better serve and integrate into the new development pattern.At the briefing, policy interpretation was also held, and staff from relevant departments introduced the implementation rules of the China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone nansha New Zone in Guangzhou for the Implementation of the Reform of Foreign Exchange Management of High-level Opening up in Cross-border Trade and Investment.In terms of capital account reform, will broaden the enterprise cross-border investment and financing channels, micro support small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises independent borrow external debt within a certain limit, to carry out the qualified foreign limited partners (QFLP) and qualified domestic limited partners (QDLP) pilot, open WenShen cross-border asset transfer business, to carry out the integration of local and foreign multinational companies pool pilot.At the same time, Nansha will improve the level of cross-border investment and financing facilitation. Foreign-invested enterprises will be exempted from registration for domestic reinvestment, and qualified non-financial enterprises will be directly handled by banks for foreign exchange registration of capital account, thus expanding the scope of capital account income funds.It is reported that nansha has formed eight featured financial sectors, including cross-border finance, shipping finance, green finance, fintech, financial leasing, commercial factoring, equity investment, and futures trading. 6,649 financial enterprises have settled in Nansha, including 14 licensed legal person financial institutions and nearly 1,670 private equity funds, with the management scale exceeding 200 billion yuan.There are 2,209 financial leasing enterprises with a total business contract value of 500 billion YUAN, making It the largest aircraft and ship agglomeration area in South China and the third largest financial leasing area in China.(after)