Police in Fujian province have uncovered a case of organized cheating in the national computer rank examination

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Study is not for exams, but exams are for testing learning. If you don’t study at all and only want to pass exams by cheating…In October 2021, with the national Computer Rank examination (NCRE) just around the corner, ma, a college student, was scratching her head.Although he signed up, he did not delve into technology and study books.Although said usually online “boil liver”, dark “ranking”, crazy “krypton gold”, but for the serious computer knowledge can only be said to be a little knowledge.At a loss what to do, he stumbled upon a small online advertisement, which was issued by a social training organization.The national Computer Rank examination can be passed for as little as 1,500 yuan, the agency said.Echocardiography as action, action to succeed……The cash-strapped pony immediately paid 1500 yuan.After paying successfully, he chose a vocational secondary school in Longyan, Fujian province, according to the instructions of the other party, and waited anxiously for the exam.”Don’t worry,” he was told.You take care of everything!You don’t even have to click a mouse!On the day of the exam, pony sat in his seat.God!The computer actually clicked the answer and finished the exam for the pony.The pony was overjoyed. Thinking of those “silly” students who studied for the exam day and night, he could not help but feel gratified for his intelligence and almost clapped his hands.After the exam, Ma settled in the school to wait for the exam results.Unexpectedly, and so on is the net police uncle!Er…No, the exams are over. Is it too late for the Internet police to help him with computer skills?Think more…Originally, on February 14, 2022, the Network security department of Longyan City, Fujian Province uncovered a cheating case in which social training institutions in Fuzhou, Xiamen and other places colluded with school staff to organize the national Computer Rank examination.According to the investigation, criminal gangs illegally set up local networks in examination rooms and organized relevant personnel to answer questions on behalf of more than 300 examinees in three national Computer rank examinations in September 2020, March 2021 and December 2021 respectively, charging 1,100 to 1,500 yuan for each examinee, which seriously disrupted the fair and just examination order.A total of 12 suspects were arrested and reported to relevant departments.Seeing her scores cancelled and the possibility of being suspended from the exam for one to three years, Ma shed tears of regret.Network police remind in recent years, some criminals have targeted the examination “business opportunities”, the use of candidates eager to achieve the psychological, to “package” to lure candidates to cheat in partnership.The police hereby solemnly remind that the examinee involved in cheating will not only lose money, but also be held responsible, affect graduation, employment, and even the illegal crime “jailed”.As for those who organize, operate and profit from cheating in examinations, lawless elements will be punished by law.To maintain the fairness of the examination is related to social fairness and justice, social integrity and harmony and stability. The public security network security department will actively respond to the concerns of the people and severely crack down on the crime of cheating in the examination according to law.Honesty should take an examination, do not set an example!