Cao Qing, a well-known TV host, is determined to marry an American rich man despite her family’s opposition, with a package of sanitary napkins for a year

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In 2015, cao Qing, a well-known TV host, decided to marry Tu Zhongheng, an American billionaire 20 years older than her, despite her family’s opposition.Unexpectedly, after marriage, she was abused and could only eat leftovers and expired food.”He only buys a bag of sanitary napkins for me, but he lets me use them for a year,” Cao said.In August 2017, cao Qing, a well-known TV host, filed a lawsuit against her Chinese-American husband, Tu Zhongheng, for abusing her.But wait until the sentencing of the time, Cao Qing is determined not to divorce, let people call accident.After the truth comes to light, people are lamenting that it is a wonderful flower!Speaking of Cao Qing, she was born in a merchant family in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.Melon seed face, high bridge of nose, pointed chin, peach blossom face, graceful and graceful, very attractive to men’s special charm, give a person a glance will not forget.I have been favored by my parents since childhood.But Cao Qing has a heart of eternal struggle, especially for the colorful world of foreign countries, always feel that the moon is more round.University, because of the success of 100 meters flying bolt’s contact information, and its sweet photo and sensational campus.After graduating from high school, Cao was admitted to communication University of China.Later, he worked in China Education TELEVISION station as a part-time reporter and host of Time to Read.Later entered the CCTV, hosted “approaching science” “Universal roaming” “focus on agriculture, rural areas,” and other programs, although not like Zhang Tengyue as popular.But with CCTV’s powerful influence and extraordinary star-making ability, Cao Qing is also a minor celebrity and a very successful woman in her career.Generally speaking, cao Qing has the appearance level, has the appearance, has the family background, has the career, find a handsome guy of the same age in China to marry and have children, enjoy the happy life, that is easy and happy.However, because Cao Qing always felt that the moon is more round in foreign countries, she dreamed of living in the United States.So I turned down a lot of guys.Parents for this also repeatedly urged marriage, but were Cao Qing Dan lips light qi, a slight smile: “Dad, mom, a good meal is not afraid of late, a good woman does not worry about marriage, you rest assured.Your daughters must find a man who will satisfy you.”Until 2015, when cao Qing, 37, met Tu Zhongheng, a Chinese-American, at a party.The 57-year-old medical doctor from a prestigious American university earns $1 million a year and, conservatively, is worth hundreds of millions.Love is so magical.The thought of being able to live in the United States, Cao Qing to Tu Zhongheng is very gentle.Tu Zhongheng saw the beauty of Cao Qing, also very enchanted, feel fate.Hence to her also is all sorts of sweet and caress, before long two people began deep affection, sweet honey.Love to the depths, Cao Qing took Tu Zhongheng to see parents, the results were strongly opposed by parents: “girl, this is you wait for a good meal?That’s 20 years older than you.How do you expect us to meet people?”But Cao Qing regardless of regardless, happily married.Also invited the former big shot Li Zhaoxing as a witness.Wedding scene, also invited famous crosstalk master Hou Yaohua and other stars, it can be said that the scenery is unlimited.After marriage, Cao Qing gave up the envy of CCTV host work, excitedly came to the United States to live, ready to lead her rich wife rich lady life.At the thought of Tu Zhongheng’s huge property, Cao Qing is also using every trick in the book to strive for a baby.Tu Zhongheng told her that she had no fertility.Cao Qing’s disappointment was palpable.As the fresh strength of marriage past, the Cao Qing that pamper as a child also exposes more trouble.I can’t cook, I can’t do housework, I just stay at home and play with my phone every day.This let want to eat Chinese food Tu Zhongheng very disappointed, the couple often quarrel.The more noisy more fierce, Tu Zhongheng simply grounded Cao Qing, do not let her go out, do not allow her to contact the outside world.Because the villa is remote, the store is far away, Cao Qing does not know how to drive, to buy things.Only can rely on Tu Zhongheng, Tu Zhongheng deliberately let her eat leftovers and expired food.Bathing is also restricted to water use, and even weirder is that only one pack of sanitary napkins is given per year.She posted a picture of her belly showing her ribs, saying she was starving.Let a person see distressed unceasingly.In the face of cao Qing’s complaint, Tu Zhongheng also invited a lawyer, stating that there was no grounding Cao Qing, the mall is very close to the villa, can also walk for 15 minutes.But Cao qing is too lazy to walk for 15 minutes and does not cook or do housework at home.Both sides have their own opinions.At first, we see Cao Qing so encounter, in succession for its.Also think Cao Qing will choose divorce, such a sad marriage to it what?With Cao Qing’s condition, it is very easy to find a job back in China, and she will not look like a poor beggar now!As a result, something unthinkable happened.Cao Qing not only do not ask for divorce, but also pray for Tu Zhongheng’s forgiveness.Also hope that the net friend helps to persuade tu Zhongheng, and she continue to live.Some netizens later discovered that the so-called “bag” of sanitary napkins cao qing said was not an ordinary package, but a bag containing 200 pieces of sanitary napkins.For the average woman, 200 pads is enough to last a year.Cao Qing is taking advantage of people’s sympathy.The reason why not divorce, is also because cao Qing worship foreign psychological work, that the moon is more round, hope to live American life again.As the old saying goes, to each his own.Isn’t it weird to talk about being abused, but at the same time insist on not getting divorced?