Kylin: focus on the “six familiar” and actual combat exercises of fire safety in gas stations

2022-07-18 0 By

In order to further deepen the brigade fire rescue personnel to the area of gas station familiar degree, improve the team fire rescue actual combat ability, in recent days, Qilin district fire rescue brigade organized nanning South Road fire rescue station has carried out “six familiar” and actual combat drill into the area of 5 gas stations.During the great fire crews have in-depth kirin area vast gas stations, traffic, ruifeng gas station, gas station rowel gas stations and gas stations, good fortune, everywhere, all the relevant person in charge of the external structure of every gas station, under the guidance of fixed fire control facilities and oil-rich area, safe passage, fire attack route, understand familiar with parking location and the surrounding water.During this period, we inquired about the fire safety knowledge and emergency disposal skills of the gas station staff, and conducted on-site training for the staff who were not familiar with the emergency disposal process.In the drill, the brigade fire rescue personnel combined with the actual situation of each gas station, respectively simulated the tanker unloading process, refueling island refueling process and staff improper operation caused fire accidents.Immediately after the accident, the gas station staff and the use of fire extinguishers, fire sandbox for early fire fighting and rescue, random dialing 119 call, brigade fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, the commander immediately organize personnel fire detection, then according to the on-site fire fighting orders, during in fire rescue personnel strictly implement the relevant operational procedures,The teams cooperated closely, and the field command was scientific and calm, which achieved the expected drill effect.After the drill, the commanding officer of the team made a comment on the drill situation, summed up the experience, pointed out the deficiency, and emphasized the safety work during the operation repeatedly.Through the actual combat exercise, the active cooperation, cooperative combat and rapid response capabilities of the fire and rescue personnel of the brigade have been further improved, laying a solid foundation for the future disposal of fire and rescue missions in such places.Qilin District Fire rescue Brigade