Only an ignorant person would think that Chinese football is “over-marketized”

2022-07-18 0 By

Chen Xianyi also supports my proposal to let sima Nan manage Chinese men’s Football team and Is it bad that Chinese women’s football Team lost to South Korea tonight?In the article, I also briefly talked about the “Marketization of Chinese football”.However, I still see many comments from netizens saying that “Chinese football is too market-oriented”, so I think it is necessary to write a special post to talk about this issue more accurately.Before talking about whether there is “excessive marketization” in Chinese football, we should first make clear what is “marketization”.To put it simply, “marketization” is a market state in which the “market” becomes the main means of resource allocation and the price mechanism is used to achieve the balance between supply and demand.If today’s “football market (industry)” has been “marketized”, what we should see is that each football club aims at forming its own brand and making profits, rather than just being a subsidiary of a certain enterprise or brand and being kept like a “mistress”.The player is the product, the performance is the sales performance.So clubs will have to build their own supply chain systems in order to achieve lower “production costs” than their competitors, and there will never be a game like the one lost to Vietnam, in which five players came from Chongming island and three from Huai hua, 38 sports colleges across the country.As well as the surrounding hundreds, thousands of related organizations are unable to effectively participate in the internal competition and division of labor in the industry.When football clubs optimize their supply chain system, players “work more, work less, work less, do not have to work,” there will never be “high salary” in the general sense.Why is it that no matter how bad the results are, even if the football association issued a “salary limit”, the situation of high salaries of players still cannot be cured?Because supply and demand are not optimized.Because the football clubs themselves are not really “results” as the objective of existence!Enterprises involved in the football industry only regard football clubs as a “window”, “public relations department”, “advertising department” of their own enterprises!Every game is a “runway show”, and every player is just a “model” for the company.Between clubs and players, a self-circulating, symbiotic and ecological circle has been formed, and there is no real market competition at all.As a result, you will find that the performance of our football clubs will rise and fall with the performance of our companies, hence the formation of what some people call “golden football”.Isn’t the essence of all-dollar football, paying for results?(The phenomenon of football betting in western countries can be understood as the performance of excessive marketization. In my opinion, our gambling is only a problem of corruption, just like the corruption of state-owned enterprises in the general sense)…Is paying for results a market economy?Have you ever seen a company become a leader by giving money to consumers?Do you know of any companies that have become industry leaders by sponsoring industry associations?Since everyone does not regard football itself as an industry to operate, then, of course, no one is willing to consider the long-term development of this industry, of course, no football club will invest in the long term to establish a complete and stable player training system!So in my opinion, the fundamental problem of our Chinese football today is not “over-marketization” but not “marketization” at all!For example, is it bad for The Chinese women’s football team to lose to South Korea tonight?Chinese football, especially men’s football, is an “ornamental animal” fed by the government and corporations.So, stop saying that the problem of Chinese football is “over-marketization”, what we really need now is to put Chinese football on the market!It’s not even in the market. Talk about over-market!PS: In my opinion, the most important reason for women’s football’s better performance is that women’s football itself has less interests involved, so there is less interference.But if reform is done quickly, the result will only be a second men’s team!When I talk about marketization, I do not mean to be market oriented, but to emphasize that we should first let them enter the market and let Chinese football enter an environment and mechanism where survival of the fittest prevails.