Police in the Capital are making all-out efforts to ensure fireworks rehearsals for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

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On January 22, the police of Chaoyang branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau guarded the fireworks rehearsal of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.The night sky above the National Stadium, known as the Bird’s Nest, was lit up by fireworks.The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing was held in the Bird’s Nest stadium on February 4.Witnessed the fireworks in the night sky, the chaoyang Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau all the police on duty on the scene filled with pride and pride.In order to this moment of fireworks bloom, chaoyang branch of the police have been busy for a long time, squadron captain Feng Lei led the team on duty, his thoughts flew to January 22.That was the first rehearsal of fireworks for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”We have to make sure everything is right.”At 10 o ‘clock on January 22, snowflakes in Beijing covered the city with snow.When the vehicle transporting fireworks into the chaoyang area, Feng Lei and his comrades immediately took action.Police cars opened the way, leading transport vehicles, along the planned route in advance, the fireworks will be safely escorted to the “Bird’s Nest” fireworks display area.The two companies are responsible for the fireworks display for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Fireworks enter the field, scene staff Kuang Chunchu and colleagues immediately busy.”The public security organs have given us all kinds of training.”Kuang Chunchu, from Liuyang, Hunan province, told reporters that the training covered discharge safety, fire safety and epidemic prevention and control.”Be a little more cautious.”Police again and again told the fireworks installation staff.A full rehearsal of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics will be held in the “Bird’s Nest” with lights and songs at midnight.In the road traffic control area, in the Olympic Park 1 security gate, in the “Bird’s Nest” fireworks area…Chaoyang branch public security detachment of the police always stick to their posts.It was cold, and they stomped their feet from time to time, their hot breath condensing into droplets that soaked their masks.19, fireworks before all the work is ready, Feng Lei led the team into the fireworks discharge area for the last patrol clearance inspection.”Clear!”Everything is ok”…Time one second to the past, Feng Lei intercom from time to time out of each area of the report of the team.At 19:30, after the clearance inspection, Feng Lei came out last, the safety fence tightly closed, and in the hands of the walkie-talkie command members to do a good job in the field order maintenance work.At about 20 o ‘clock, all the police on duty in the fireworks discharge area evacuated to a safe position, quietly waiting for the “bird’s Nest” fireworks in full bloom.The fireworks went off safely and smoothly.Reporters see, police patrol duty car has frozen on the long ice.(Beijing, February 4) (Interview and writing: Yuan Meng, Dong Leiyang, Zhang Zheng, Zhang Jinyu, Zhang Ye)