Qihe “TWO sessions” voice | Yang Wuqiang: Promoting quality and balanced creation of qihe education to help high-quality development

2022-07-18 0 By

Zhaiyan qihe, reporter of Dazhong · Poster news, reported that “The government work report summarizes the achievements comprehensively, objectively and match-seeking, and plans for the future work are inspiring.”On January 25, Yang Wuqiang, deputy of Qihe County people’s Congress and director of Qihe County Education and Sports Bureau, said in an interview with dazhong · Poster news.”This year, we will promote the construction and operation of the new qihe No. 1 Middle school campus, complete the city of eight township junior middle schools, and comprehensively optimize the layout of primary, secondary and kindergarten,”Yang Wuqiang said, qihe combination system will earnestly study and understand the government work report, according to the JiHe county and the county government to education balanced development of the global quality requirements, and thorough going efforts to promote “the most” four to three, should make JiHe children on all, schools should be built on the building, teachers call do recruit, treatment should defend and defend to achieve “the best location to build schools, is the most beautiful scenery in the campus,The best building is teaching building “, from the basic balance to the whole quality balance, strive to take the lead in the city through the national compulsory education quality balance development county acceptance, promote qihe education high-quality development.