Why do zhanjiang people eat fast during the Spring Festival?

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After enjoying the big fish and meat for the New Year’s Eve dinner, the whole family will eat vegetarian vegetarian food for the first meal on the first day of the New Year. Why?Because “to” and “disaster” homophones so called jai means “eat” a disaster in the New Year will be implied meaning of disasters “eat” and then all bless family peace smoothly the first lunch called jai not drab plain people use fans, bean curd stick and dry mushrooms cooked a pot of “Buddha’s delight” family sitting around a table to eat this meal in the steam,It is not only very lively, but also means that all the vegetarian dishes for the New Year will be eaten on this day, and then all the vegetables will be eaten in the future. Big fish and big meat is a kind of wish for a smooth New Year.Is better than the lent a year “it is said that the course of the tradition to” three mushroom six ears nine bamboo shoots “18 kinds of refined from vegetable take 18 arhats auspicious meaning now most families simplified into eight xi Buddha’s delight with bean curd stick, mushrooms, celery, fans of 8 kinds of refined vegetable” meaning first “Chinese New Year meal all about the same, material has very good moral, such as bean curd stick of Buddha’s delight,Meaning rich celery, meaning diligent mushroom, meaning purple east carrot, meaning red fire agaric, meaning good luck…On the first day of the New Year in Zhanjiang, there are many other traditions, such as eating fast food and eating fast food.Source: Network Synthesis