Xinmin quick comment | “three normal” is a reassuring pill

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Starting from 5 am on March 28, Nucleic acid screening was carried out in batches along the huangpu River in Shanghai.In epidemic prevention and control work in a news conference held yesterday, the city commerce committee gu jun from the director of the introduction, has been distributed to the district about the life material guarantee for enterprises to ensure normal operation of notice, in the implementation of the premise of epidemic prevention and control measures, take various measures to achieve the “three normal” : to guarantee for enterprises to normal operation, let the normal warranty for traffic, to protect for normal personnel mount guard.During zhou Xin’s lockdown period, people were very concerned about the guarantee of daily necessities, such as whether they could buy vegetables and whether they could be delivered.If the supplier is in the locked-in area, can it continue production and transport the materials? We also need to provide solutions.For example, Pudong, as one of the main vegetable growing areas in Shanghai, has a vegetable area of over 50,000 mu and an average daily supply of green leafy vegetables reaches more than 500 tons, supplying not only Pudong but also the whole city.The prevention and control of the epidemic has reached its most vigorous stage. Ensuring the basic needs of the public will not only reassure the public, but also enhance their confidence in the success of the fight against the epidemic.”Three normals” is a reassurance.As of 3 PM yesterday, pudong New Area had issued more than 100 travel certificates for Employees of Enterprises guaranteeing the supply of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Agricultural products in Pudong New Area, and more than 600 Permits for Ensuring the supply of Daily Necessities in Shanghai. Agricultural production and supply units have continued to provide supplies to the new Area and other parts of the city.Although the citizens in the containment area need to “stay indoors”, but security enterprises, security vehicles, security personnel can also be normal circulation, the basic lifeline of the city is still in maximum normal operation.In this nucleic acid screening, it is inevitable that some citizens will encounter difficulties in life;In particular, more attention should be paid to the elderly, the disadvantaged, the disabled and the families of front-line epidemic prevention workers.For example, online ordering may be difficult for citizens unfamiliar with online shopping and smart phones.Channels such as service hotlines should be unblocked to respond to “urgent” problems in a timely manner so that no one is left behind.E-commerce platform hand speed, community and Shanghai suburban cooperatives docking group purchase, streets or neighborhood committee and surrounding supermarkets docking, collection and delivery…In order to meet the “rigid demand” of purchasing vegetables, not only need to guarantee the supply of enterprises, but also need to mobilize all kinds of resources to solve the distribution, so that “buy” but also “send”.In times of emergency, we need more understanding and cooperation as well as more wisdom and effort. Everyone can do what they can to tide us over.Ji Yu/Wen & GT;