Yancheng urban management “volunteer red” into the community to assist nucleic acid testing to build a warm line of defense

2022-07-18 0 By

This article is from:Ziniu News Yangzi Evening News network on March 28 (correspondent Hong Bo reporter Fan Muxiaozi) in order to build a tight defense against the epidemic, On March 26, Yancheng City Management Bureau Liangguang Center actively participated in the theater road community nucleic acid testing volunteer service activities, under the leadership of the Party branch secretary,Chengguan Party members volunteers and community volunteers arranged detection points in the plaza of the commercial building to help the nucleic acid detection “acceleration”.Volunteers are busy reminding participants at nucleic acid testing sites to scan the site code, assisting them to show the sampling code, and helping medical staff to paste test labels…According to the arrangement of the community, the urban management volunteers were divided into three groups to carry out volunteer service activities. While doing a good job of self-protection, they performed their respective duties and fulfilled their responsibilities, making the citizen testing team more orderly and smooth, and speeding up the progress of nucleic acid testing in the community. Nearly 2,000 people were tested on the same day.Volunteers go deep into the nucleic acid detection of the front-line epidemic mercilessly, people have feelings, the service of urban management volunteers, the community and the detection of the public praise, with their own practical actions, to the epidemic prevention and fight for the whole people, contributed “urban management strength”.Volunteers to help test people show the sample code proofreading Su Yun