Innovation, ecological sustainable | new BMW 6 series GT, longitudinal heaven and earth, carefree

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The new BMW 6GT hongmei style, thus revealed.Comfortable Spaces and luxurious interiors converge.The driving characteristics derived from BMW provide not only excellent athletic performance, but also excellent long-distance ride comfort.The new BMW 6 Series GT shows off the four-door coupe’s sleek design and fun to drive.Let the design aesthetics follow the unique taste of slender body proportion to highlight natural style, coupe style roof line and horizontal waist line in one place, creating a distinct level of sculpture art beauty.For the first time, the taillight adopts three-dimensional modeling and integrates dynamic aerodynamic design to create elegant posture.The magic carpet air suspension system provides a comfortable driving feeling. The BMW in-line 6-cylinder B series engine releases a steady power, connecting the grand departure and arrival.Both hands control the M sport steering wheel and the upgraded version of the 8-speed hand self-integrated sport gearbox to accurately control the vehicle and plan ahead, inherits the pure “GT” pursuit of speed.Enjoy the grand journey with rich functions. With the help of BMW intelligent driving, we can connect with BMW cloud Internet App to expand the world through BMW Connected driving. The spacious space in the car can easily accommodate the journey needs.The new BMW 6 Series GT won the “2017 European Body Award” for its unique aesthetic expression and rich details, reawakening the yearning for “grand tour”.The new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo shows off its unique aesthetic design concept with a sculptural clear silhouette that is eye-catching at a glance.Streamline design language and comfort concept combined, luxury design style and practical functions, just to meet your more needs.When elegant and sporty style into one, the dream travel partner has been born.