Smell the snow!The Beijing Economic Development Zone made emergency arrangements to ensure the operation of the city and protect the safety of people’s livelihood

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Heavy snowfall and cooling hit over the weekend.Beijing, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) — Beijing Economic Development Zone held a meeting on the operation and environmental protection of the City during the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, especially during the cold wave and snowfall.Wang Shaofeng, secretary of the committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Liang Sheng, director of the Committee, and other leaders of the committee attended the meeting.Wang Shaofeng pointed out that the weather process snow, long duration, wind cooling superposition, has a certain extreme, the operation of the city and the production and life of the people have a certain impact, to put the people in the heart of the cold and warm, take all-round measures to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the city.According to the actual situation of snow, we should make early deployment, full scheduling, precise command and rapid response. The snowfall will affect the morning peak travel on Monday, so we should do our best to clear snow and shovel ice to ensure the safety of citizens.We need to do heating services such as security, to ensure that the temperature is up to standard, to strengthen communities, nursing homes and other important service, solve the low-income residents, the disabled and other special difficult groups warm assistance, through the 12345 hotline, extreme weather problems for the masses, to connect v. do, namely first encounter emergency disposal, to reassure the masses more warm heart.Wang Shaofeng stressed, to implement the details of the prevention and response measures.For the construction site, aloft work, outdoor work personnel, do a good job of safety management and cold insulation work.We should timely issue weather warnings and travel tips for rain, snow, wind and fog. While clearing snow and shoveling ice, we should strengthen inspections of outdoor large screens, outdoor advertisements, light boxes and plaques, traffic signs and signs, tower cranes and other high-altitude facilities and equipment to eliminate potential safety hazards.It is necessary to strengthen the service guarantee, and strengthen the services for patients in hospitals, teachers and students in schools, and visitors of the Winter Olympics.Strictly implement the on-duty duty system, and timely report important situations.It is necessary to do a good job of coordination, close cooperation and security work, so that all residents of Yizhuang New Town can feel the warmth of winter.Reporter: Jiang Keping