Shun public opinion warm people!Four chemical construction company to carry out “I do practical things for the masses” activities

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Yueyang evening all media – (correspondent Xie Yunhui) recently, the fourth from Chinese chemical engineering construction co., LTD. At the party history study education summary conference, according to the company stick to the masses demand, based on its actual, highlight the characteristics of the enterprise, to sift list “I does the practical work for the masses” ten practical and listing, deepen the detailed implementation measures and listing tasks,To effectively transform the results of learning and education into the power to serve the masses, to do the practical things well, to do the good things, together to promote the continuous development of the company.Learning education in China, the four modernizations construction companies around the “optimization to improve the staff working and living environment, enrich a line worker cultural life, physical and mental health care worker, advanced care model and a line worker, in the spring to send jobs, summer cool and refreshing, autumn and winter warmth, send birthday wishes” five “care activities,Improve worker housing accumulation fund capture puts scale and improve the salary welfare system and solve the problem of company worker children learn hard, care for a worker left-behind children, help solve youth a particularly difficult problem, love and marriage in a line of young worker from 10 aspects, such as construction workers happy homeland “further organize” I does the practical work of worker masses “ten pieces of practical activities,We will strive to solve the urgent and anxious problems of workers.Since the launch of the activity, the company has taken out special funds to build “staff homes” in branch offices and project departments.At present, the company’s subordinate secondary and tertiary units have all established “staff home”, and according to the standard of “one room” (cultural activity room) and “one site” (sports activity site), according to local conditions, the company has established reading rooms, sports and sports activity rooms, etc., with all the hardware and cultural facilities.At the same time, combined with the actual situation of large mobility of construction, focus on carrying out the project of sending culture into each project department to establish a “mobile library” and “mobile cultural and sports activities box”, optimize and improve the working and living environment of front-line staff.The company organizes physical examination for all employees and screening for “double disease” for female employees, so that employees can grasp their own health status in time, enhance health awareness and improve work efficiency.The company formulated and issued the Management Measures for Treatment and Rest of Model Workers and Front-line key Staff, and organized treatment and rest activities in batches every year, fully reflecting the company’s care and concern for front-line staff.The company organizes “five send” care activities to send posts in spring, cool in summer, help students in autumn, warm in winter, and send blessings on birthdays.The company carries out reemployment training for employees waiting for jobs twice a year, helping 17 employees to achieve reemployment;A total of 47 high-temperature operation projects of the company have been sent cooling activities, soliciting 5,000 people and sending 135,000 yuan of materials for heat prevention and cooling.Seven children from poor families were subsidized with a golden autumn grant of 12,000 yuan;For 145 employees in need of warmth sent to the company, the compensation of 96,000 yuan;For more than 1,000 employees to carry out birthday blessing activities, so that the majority of employees really feel the care of the company.The company carries out the “demonstration canteen” activity in the whole company, so that the staff can have a sense of happiness in life.The company has improved the compensation and welfare mechanism, realizing the synchronous growth of employees’ salary level and welfare benefits with the economic benefits of the company.In 2021, the per capita income of employed employees will increase by 17.2 percent over that of 2020, and the proportion of employees’ contributions to the housing provident fund will be raised from 5 percent in 2020 to 8 percent, and the maximum proportion will be reached in three clear steps by 2022.The company has communicated with the Education and Sports Bureau and school of Yueyang Economic development Zone for many times. Through various efforts, all the 6 children of employees living in Sihua New Town are arranged to study in high-quality primary schools and junior middle schools in the economic development zone.The company carries out “June 1” children’s Day visit, college entrance examination and other activities to relieve the worries of front-line workers.The company distributed bags, books, stationery and other holiday gifts to 409 employees’ children, totaling 32,541 yuan.By organizing young workers to participate in the “Get together meet baihe Garden holding hands happy Guan Ju Wish” may socializing and making friends activities, the company builds a wide platform for making friends, creates good conditions, cares about and helps solve the problem of marriage and love difficulties for older youth, especially for young workers at the front line.The company has contacted yueyang bus company for many times, and added bus stops at the exit and opposite side of sihua New City, which is convenient for workers to travel.The company organizes activities such as planting trees, greening and volunteering for the convenience of the staff and family areas in sihua Living area and Sihua New Town to beautify the living environment of the staff.The company cares for the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. This year, the company has paid a total of 122,000 yuan to the disadvantaged workers of 47 families in the area.The four chemical construction Company focuses on the people’s thoughts and expectations, urgent and difficult, and does practical work, seeks actual results and creates real achievements, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the enterprise.In 2021, the company’s development situation is encouraging, with the newly signed contract amount increasing by 40.06% and the main business income increasing by 27.33% compared with 2020.