Some districts (cities) and counties around Chengdu are full of flowers

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“Don’t miss the spring scenery, the most beautiful flowers bloom”.Spring sunshine is warm, all things contend for spring, into the eye are vibrant scene, go out spring to enjoy flowers has become the best thing at the moment.A few days ago, the reporter made many inquiries, some districts (cities) and counties around Chengdu have blossomed in the garden, hurriedly take advantage of the good weather over the weekend spring appreciation of flowers, together to embrace the spring.”One more. Twist a branch of plum with your left hand and look at the flower.”Miss Zhao who lives in the bridge of laurel king and two good sisters make an appointment to bask in the sun to wangjiang building park to drink tea, the plum blossom that discovers the park unexpectedly however already competed to open, a few sisters change to drink tea directly to take photos, record this beautiful picture with mobile phone.”Yang Xiong article meaning where, end wine and ask the explanation flower.”Solution flower is also known as “Chinese rugosa flower”. With the temperature gradually rising, budding begonia is smiling in Farming village of Yuai Town of Pidu District, and the feeling of spring in farming villages with Western Sichuan style is getting thick.”Small garden planted red cherry trees, leisure around flowers and branches easy to swim.”As the weather gradually clear, located in the Xindu District zhuyuan Town of Qin Ying Garden in hundreds of acres of Qin Ying gradually open, covered with clusters of flowers, the whole scenic area decorated into a pink sea of flowers, the air filled with refreshing flowers.Compared with other cherry varieties, the qin blossom season lasts for a month and will last until March 10 this year.The Lantern Festival is the best time to enjoy the flowers. Bring your family to enjoy the flowers.With the arrival of spring, thousands of begonia blossom in Anlong Begonia Park in Dujiangyan.Early flowering begonia tieti and hongmei are in full bloom, delicate and charming, xifu begonia and Silk begonia are also in bud.Crabapple pieces together into a sea of flowers, is a good choice for weekend flowers.(reporter Deng Jing zhao a practice reporter Zhou Yinghong) original title: reporters more than way to explore the good place to appreciate flowers spring tour mo negative flower season statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: