0-2 to 3-2, reverse + kill!The Chinese team made 12 shots to win the championship, even after the South Korea won rare treatment

2022-07-21 0 By

Despite all the women’s Asian cup match home-country crowd, also ended a few days, but the subject of women’s Asian cup final process still day, especially about the topic of the Chinese women’s team, scored after South Korea in the Chinese women’s team, the fans almost unanimous in their initiative, the Chinese women’s team directly call China, after all relative to China men’s soccer, the performance of the Chinese women’s football really admirable,Also deserves more respect and attention and support;After trailing by two goals in the final, Coach Shui Qingxia made a magic substitution and scored a winning goal to beat South Korea 3-2 to win the Asian Cup.Simple review of the game, from the point of the game process, the Chinese women’s team is the ups and downs, also can saying is, in the start stage, both teams close, in terms of ball control and organization, the south Korean team once the first broke out, but with the game, after the Chinese women’s team has found a state, and the use of its own characteristics, playing in terms of possession,The Chinese women’s football team accounted for 51 percent, while the South Korean women’s football team accounted for 49 percent, from this aspect, the gap between the two teams is very small, but the Chinese women’s football team in the late stage, obviously dominated, especially in the desire to win, The Chinese women’s football team has always maintained high enthusiasm.In the aspect of attacking and shooting, The Chinese women’s football team scored 12 goals, while the Korean women’s football team also scored 9 goals. The two teams in the aspect of attacking efficiency, the Chinese women’s football team was more powerful, with 6 goals on target, while the Korean women’s football team only scored 4 goals.But very unexpected, the 27th minute of the game, the first to score the lead is the South Korean women’s soccer, Cui Yu Li scored a goal, to help the South Korean women’s soccer 1-0 lead, the 45th minute of the game, The Chinese women’s soccer team was hit again, gave the opponent a penalty kick, Pool smile point shot, South Korea women’s soccer two goals ahead.In the case of two goals behind, thought the Chinese women’s team morale will be hit hard, but never thought that the Chinese women’s team did not discouraged, instead is activated the team spirit, strong in the team’s morale, inspired by the Chinese women’s team began to slowly but surely, very patiently and rival exchanges and circuitous, easy side again after the war of 66 minutes in the second half,The Chinese women’s attack finally paid off when Tang Jiali of English premier League giants Tottenham hotspur scored from the penalty spot to bring the Chinese women’s team back to 2-1.After 1 or 2, significantly enhance the morale of the Chinese women’s soccer team, continue to attack, after just six minutes, namely the game on 72 minutes, lin-yan zhang also scored a goal, to help China women’s 2-2 draw back, under the opponent tight defense, battled back to Chinese women’s football, it gives the whole team is very big, in the coming year, both teams are proving,Draw with conventional 90 minutes, the game into stoppage time, once in front of the Chinese women’s football jittery, fortunately defender to seal, let your opponent’s shot away, game on 93 minutes, XiaoYuYi received after teammate crosses a header, rival goalkeeper to save, the Chinese women’s team 3-2 lead against the south Korean women’s football, ultimately the goal has become a dead ball,From 0-2 to 3-2, The Chinese women’s football team achieved a comeback and a knockout win to win the Asian Cup.It is worth mentioning that in the semi-final, the Chinese women’s football is reversed Japan women’s reach the final, final now is reversed and the dead, even the Japanese and south Korean team, this also gives successful revenge, Chinese football, on the other hand, after the title, the Chinese women’s team also harvest the rare treatment, that is the team charter flights to return home, all-the-way tracking broadcast by CCTV, even when entering into China’s airspace,All the way to the spotlight, this treatment, almost unprecedented.